Protection Dogs for WomenWomen want a sense of security. Husbands who travel for business may also want that extra level of security for his family while he is away.   A highly trained protection dog from Full Contact K9 can be one of the best ways to help provide security for women.  Our dogs are well-balanced in the areas of obedience and protection, making them a great companion as well as an elite protector. The Dog can be trained to fit your lifestyle whether you are an active woman who is outdoors a lot running, walking or hiking or if you prefer to just relax at home.  Single and married women alike can benefit from the companionship of a protection dog.  The experienced and dedicated professionals at Full-Contact K9 can develop a dog training plan to best suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here is why we think a dog from Full Contact K9 is a smart choice for personal protection:

  • Women are Twice as likely as men, to be targets of violent crimes.
  • Women are Three times as likely to be a victim of a stalker.
  • Women are Eight times more likely to be a victim of a simple assault.

Having a well-trained protection dog from Full Contact K-9, can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when you are home and away from home.

We train our dogs to be socialized, confident and manageable for the benefit of our clients.  Call us Today to learn how we can help you feel safe and secure with a K9 Companion of your own.