Kennesaw has a rich and storied history as a town that is close enough to Atlanta, but still replete with rugged beauty. From Kennesaw Mountain to Swift-Cantrell Park, dog owners live a happy and healthy life around town.

If you are a dog owner in Kennesaw, then you are gifted with tons of outdoor areas to strengthen the relationship with your companion. If you are still looking to find the perfect dog, though, Full Contact K9 is here to help.

With a lifetime of experience training dogs in and around Georgia, our team offers two important services: comprehensive dog training and also trained dog sales. Whether you’re already a dog owner or looking to become one, our team can help you and your pet reach their full potential.

Kennesaw’s dog-training expert

Hundreds of dog owners throughout the city have trusted Full Contact trainers, Evan Dunbar and Chuck Rawlings, to provide a total transformation of their dogs. Our signature approach to both obedience and protection training means that your dog can achieve results faster than any other training method.

Our team also offers the unique service of selling highly-trained dogs. Unlike a dog breeder, our job is simply to raise these pups from a young age and train them so that they are perfect additions to your family.

Helping you find the perfect dog

When we start our process of adopting dogs, we look for a number of important traits. Not only is appearance taken into consideration, but long-term health, intelligence, and temperament are all factors that influence what dogs we adopt.

Our dog sales are varied in age and breed so that you can find the perfect companion. With years of experience, we can also find exotic breeds with our international import services, as well.

Most of the dogs we sell have already undergone intensive imprinting and training so they will be completely comfortable when you introduce them to your home. No more housetraining or teaching your companion not to jump on guests – a trained young puppy will already have the obedience skills you desire.

For more information about our dog sales and adoptions in the Kennesaw area, call Full Contact K9 at 678-235-5959 today!