What are personal protection dogs?

Personal protection dogs are specifically bred, raised and trained to be excellent companions and guardians. They must be social, stable and clear headed with the ability to switch into defense mode without any hesitation once their handler commands them to do so.

Full Contact K9’s protection dog training programs are created to not only unleash the potential of your dog, but to create a companion that will keep you and your family safe. Protection dogs can be used for various reasons but to have a dog perform like it should in stressful situations; there is no substitute to proper training and conditioning. We have the ability to offer private dog training or we also provide executive dogs for sale.

How are protection dogs trained?

The dog must first be a suitable candidate for protection training. Each dog receives foundation training, starting from the time they’re puppies. Foundation training is then built into a customized protection training program specific to the needs of each client’s lifestyle.

Are personal protection dogs dangerous?

A properly trained personal protection dog is a companion first and must be social. They are loyal and loving to their family. They are also highly trained to respond to intruders and threatening, real-life situations.

How much do fully trained protection dogs cost?

The price of trained protection dogs will vary depending on the level of training, the breed and gender.  The average price for a fully trained protection dog is $45,000.00

Our Program

Our training programs are designed to put the handler in control of every situation. Protection training is not merely teaching a dog how to bite. A properly trained dog should be socialized, confident, and manageable. There is a tremendous amount of conditioning, tactical training, and balance that goes into producing a strong and sound tempered K9. Our goal is to provide you and your family with a solid protection dog and loyal companion in one.

Full Contact K9 offers a full range of protection training. Our programs are frequently custom tailored to meet specific needs, which vary depending on the lifestyle and unique requirements of the individual client. We offer fully trained family protection dogs and private training for your dog. A summary of our programs is provided below:

Puppy TrainingPuppy Package

If you’re excited about raising a working line puppy and live in the Atlanta, GA metro area, the puppy package is ideal for you! One of our trainers will hold your hand every step of the way. We hand select a suitable puppy from world class bloodlines and cover the following in private lessons: puppy imprinting, on/off leash obedience and foundation protection work.

For More information about purchasing a puppy, please visit our Puppy Pricing information page.

Large Dog TrainingPremier Protection Dog

The Premier Protection Dog is trained in the fundamental skills necessary for the animal to be manageable and effective at protecting his family. At this level, the dog is defensive and will only show aggression to a perceived threat when given a command from his handler. Your Premier Protection Dog from Full Contact K9 is bred from exceptional working line German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherds. For hypoallergenic clients, we offer other breed choices. Give your family peace of mind with a Premier Protection Dog from Full Contact K9!

For more details about The Premier Protection Dog Package, please visit our pricing information page.

Family Protection Dog TrainingPremier Elite Protection Dog

Also what we call the golden middle, the Premier Elite Protection Dog combines the beginning level with a robust training package. They are the ideal choice for active families and individuals who need a more technical animal. Rest assured that your valuables and family are safe with a Premier Elite Protection Dog.

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Chuck - Certified Dog TrainingAdvanced Family and Estate K9

The pinnacle of security, the Advanced Family and Estate K9 is not only a devoted companion but a serious guardian.  They are ideal for families who need a level of protection which compliments human bodyguards and are capable of working independently in your home, on your private jet, or out on the water while you boat. At this level, the dog will conduct perimeter and ground searches, secure your home, and play frisbee with you and your children.  They are highly skilled and balanced.

For More information about Advanced Family and Estate K-9, please visit our pricing information page.