About Us

            Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service that puts emphasis on obedience and protection training for German Shepherd and Malinois dogs. Our services are available to all of metropolitan Atlanta and beyond. At Full Contact K-9, we stress “total commitment, unleashed potential” with every client to ensure that owners and their dogs get the most out of their experience and leave with the core skills to be able to communicate effectively.

We also sell puppies that are ready to be trained, and adult dogs that are fully trained, to meet the needs of customers who want the best breed of dog for their family. We search all over the world to select the best dogs for our business, so you can always be sure you have a world-class canine at your side.


            Woodstock is one of Cherokee County’s oldest and most beloved cities. With close proximity to Lake Allatoona and the Dixie Speedway, as well as local treasures in downtown Woodstock, the Elm Street Cultural Arts Village and an abundance of parks and recreation, Woodstock is a haven for active families in search of outdoor activities. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a German Shepherd by your side? German Shepherds make great family pets and can be trained quite easily.

Malinois Protection Dog

            German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois dogs don’t have a reputation as family oriented dogs, but there is no reason why they can’t be just that. These dogs are fiercely intelligent and loyal, making them great candidates for protection training. At Full Contact K-9, we breed and source the best breeds of dog and make them available to the citizens of north Georgia so that anyone can have a pet that doubles as a personal bodyguard.

Protection training comes in three levels: premier, premier elite and advanced family and estate K-9s. At each stage, trainers work with dogs and owners to develop fundamental protection skills. Premier protection dogs are equipped with the groundwork for further protection training, while premier elite protection dogs can protect their homes and families without needed a command. If you live in Newnan and have ever wished for a dog that could accompany you to the park for a walk and also serve to keep you safe, premier elite protection training could be the solution. Estate dogs receive the highest level of training, and are capable of securing the parameters of your property.

Obedience Training

Full Contact K-9 also offers obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. Obedience training is a must, even if you are not interested in protection training. Being able to communicate with your dog and have them obey your verbal and hand commands on or off leash is an invaluable asset and can shape the way you experience your pet. German Shepherds are increasingly becoming a go-to family pet, and their quick adaptability means that in a few short sessions, your dog could be obeying your every command.