san jose protection dogs for sale

About Full Contact K-9

Now proudly serving the Silicon Valley, California area, Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service that provides protection and obedience training to clients across the US. Originally based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Full Contact K-9 specializes in the breeding and training of German Shepherd and Malinios puppies and adult dogs, as well as in the training of other breeds of dog.

We offer fully trained dogs for sale as well as training sessions for a dog you already own. No matter what your desired results, Full Contact K-9 will work with you to determine your dog’s capabilities and match them with a program that fits your lifestyle. Let us help you find the perfect dog!

San Jose, California

The first capital of California after the state was founded; San Jose is now sometimes called the capital of Silicon Valley. One of the most populous cities in the US and the largest city in the northern part of California, San Jose is home to incredible geographic and cultural landmarks.

Fishermen enjoy the scenic Lake Cunningham and hikers and bikers love the nearby trails and mountains. San Jose is known for rich community events and spacious outdoor facilities including more than 200 parks and plentiful hiking trials for families of all ages to enjoy, like the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. All of San Jose’s furry friends are welcome in any of their nine dog parks, making the city a haven for pet owners and animals alike.

Trained Dogs for Sale

Because we aim to provide the best experience for our customers, we offer fully trained protection dogs for sale. These dogs have been chosen by our trainers for their positive attributes and have gone through strenuous obedience and protection training. The one-on-one training that each of our dogs receives is key to ensuring off-leash obedience and on-command aggressiveness that is ideal in an adult protection dog. You can browse our available dogs on our website, or call us at any time during our business hours. We’re here to help!

If you’re looking for a breed of dog that we don’t currently have, let us know and we can help you obtain a dog from a reputable breed and bloodline. This will help ensure that your dog is already on its way to succeed in our training programs and will fit in seamlessly with you and your home.

Also, if you’re hesitant to start out with a fully trained adult dog, we offer trained puppies for sale. Our puppies have been trained in basic obedience training and are well socialized and housebroken. These puppies will help ensure a smooth transition into your home, unlike buying a dog from somewhere else: you can never know what kind of temperament an untrained dog will have until you bring it home. Our trained puppies are also prepped for further stages of puppy development, obedience or protection training, so you can continue to work with your dog and receive training from us long after you’ve brought your new pet home.