Suwannee has slowly grown to be one of the Atlanta area’s most vibrant communities. With an array of public parks and activity spaces, there are tons of opportunities to spend valuable time with your dog.

From Town Center to Sims Lake Park, there is truly a wealth of venues to enjoy the outdoors with a furry companion. Has taking your dog into public places been more a hassle than a leisurely activity, though? Does your dog struggle to calmly interact with other dogs on a routine walk?

If any of these hold true for your dog, then you may be in need of simple obedience training to help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. At Full Contact K9, we can help your pet achieve the sociability and training you’ve always dreamed of.

Helping dog owners throughout Suwannee

Few dog trainers have a proven track record of success like the certified trainers at Full Contact K9. Our signature approach to training dogs emphasizes positive reinforcement while stressing obedience and authority.

In addition to intensive training programs in obedience and self-defense, our team also sells a variety of fully-trained dogs. Rather than a dog breeder, we simply adopt German Shepherds from a young age and teach them intensive training techniques so that they can easily adapt to a new owner.

Finding the right dog for you and your family

Anytime you shop local pet stores and adoption centers for a new dog, you could be taking a huge risk on your new companion. Adopting a professionally trained dog gives you the peace of mind to know that your new dog will be everything you’ve ever hoped for.

Our most popular breed for adoptive owners in Suwannee is the German Shepherd. These dogs are heralded for their extreme intelligence, playfulness, and responsiveness to human commands. For this reason, German Shepherds are typically the easiest and most adaptive breed for new dog owners.

German Shepherds can easily make the transition to more advanced forms of dog training as well. Personal and home protection as well as dog competition is well within the reach of our trained German Shepherds that are ready for purchase.

For more information about our training programs or how you can adopt your own German Shepherd, call Full Contact K9 today at 678-235-5959!