About Us

            Full Contact K-9 is an Atlanta-based dog training business that serves the greater metropolitan area of northern Georgia. We specialize in the training of German Shepherd and Malinois dogs, teaching them everything from basic commands and house breaking to house patrolling and securing grounds. We offer various training packages to suit our clients and their furry companions.

Protection training, obedience training and puppy training are our specialties. Our staff are dedicated to providing top of the line canines to the citizens of Georgia, and we know how important it is for our clients to feel secure and in control with their dogs. Each training session is constructed to give both dog and owner a chance to communicate effectively in order to establish the desired behavior.


Known as the “gateway” to Henry County, the city of Stockbridge boasts scenic views and the popular Panola Mountain State Park. With Atlanta located 20 miles to the north and direct access to some of Georgia’s most frequented highways, it can seem like Stockbridge is a place everyone just passes through. But for the people of Stockbridge, the city has special meaning, and residents recognize the simplicity of life there not as a burden but as an asset.

What better place is there to raise a family other than in the suburbs of Atlanta? Stockbridge is conveniently located next to the great cultural center of Georgia, and everything anyone could want is a short drive up away. Stockbridge also has the fortune to be home to a state park and many great outdoor hiking trails and golf courses. Residents trust Full Contact K-9 to train their dogs to be great outdoors companions, as well as guard their homes and give them a sense of peace in a city where everything is transient.

Protection Dogs

At Full Contact K-9, we know the value of feeling safe in your own home. Sometimes it is hard to feel secure leaving your home or being home alone, and that is where having a Full Contact K-9 dog becomes a great asset to protect you and the people you love.

Our protection training comes in three levels depending on the needs of our customers. Premier protection dogs are trained to react protectively, though only when instructed to by their owner. Premier elite protection dogs are the next level, and are great for families with children. These dogs learn more skills and are able to search homes and play with your kids, as well as react protectively when they sense danger or intruders. Advanced family and estate K-9 dogs are our most elite dogs- they receive rigorous training and are perfectly capable of guarding your home or securing the parameter of your property. German Shepherds are perfect candidates for this kind of training because they are highly intelligent and pick up skills very quickly. Paired with our excellent instructors and the hands-on support of clients, any dog can soon become a serious protection dog, ready to serve you and your family for years to come.

If you think you or someone you know would be interested in having a dog trained by Full Contact K-9, don’t be afraid to give us a call to discuss prices or schedule a session. We don’t bite, promise!