Are you looking for a service that can turn your dog into a obedient and well-behaved companion? Look no further than Full Contact K9 – Sandy Springs’ highest reviewed dog trainer.

As the popular saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. In turns out that teaching a dog any tricks can be very difficult – not just old dogs and not just new tricks. Training your furry friend is a slow and time-consuming process for the average owner, but our dedicated trainers can help speed that process along to unleash your companion’s full potential.

Sandy Springs’ dog training expert

With decades of combined experience, our team has slowly achieved a prominent reputation in Sandy Springs and the Atlanta area. We have helped frustrated owners reach cooperation with their pets and helped committed owners get even closer to their companions. Overall, our job is to strengthen the bond between pet owners and their dogs.

Sandy Springs is a busy and dynamic part of town. Owning an obedient dog provides invaluable opportunities to visit the city’s parks and walk through stunning neighborhoods. Whether it’s a walk along the Chattahoochee or a trip to Morgan Falls Overlook Park, we can help train your dog to interact socially with other people and other dogs.

Helping you select the perfect companion

Not only do we offer programs in home protection and obedience training, but our team also has a small selection of trained elite dogs ready for purchase. Some of these dogs include German Shepherds,  Belgian Malinois and Giant schnauzer’s that have been raised from a young age to have advanced personal security skills. Rather than pouring years of training into a home protection dog, you can actually purchase a dog we have already trained – making the transition to your home effortless.

All of our trained dogs for sale come with family-oriented training, so they can safely interact with toddlers and kids. In addition, these dogs are heavily trained in obedience techniques to ensure that they can be left at home without any problems.

For more information about our Sandy Springs dog training services or for an updated list of our dogs ready for sale, call Full Contact K9 at 678-235-5959!