About Us

At Full Contact K-9, we search for the best breeds of dog from all over the world and hand select them for training in our obedience or protection dog training sessions. We buy, sell and train dogs of all breeds and are skilled at bringing out the best in even the most stubborn dog. Though dog sales are a big part of our business, we also train dogs that owners bring to us and help them achieve their goals through making them a part of the training process. When you bring your dog to Full Contact K-9, we make it our mission to include you and your needs and accommodate them in each training session. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we know that you too will come to highly rate the advantage of bringing your dog to Full Contact K-9.

San Jose

The third largest city in California, San Jose booms with a big population and an even bigger range of attractive qualities. Part of the world-renowned Silicon Valley, San Jose boasts a thriving economy and has been called one of the happiest places to work in the United States. With large parks and wildlife preserves just outside the vast city limits, San Jose is a perfect union of the best parts of California living.

With such a high population of people living in the San Jose area, safety and security are often the top priority of many residents. That’s why at Full Contact K-9, we offer the best in protection dogs and protection dog training to the residents of sunny San Jose.

Trained dogs

Full Contact K-9 train dogs in both obedience and protection so that you can find the right fit for your home and family, whatever your needs. Obedience training is available for puppies who need housebreaking and socialization up to full adult dogs who are capable of obeying on and off-leash commands. We teach a variety of voice and hand signals to find the best method for communicating with your dog.

Our protection training is highly rated and comes in a variety of levels to choose from. Premier protection dogs are trained to respond to threats based on the commands of their owner. They are given fundamental protection skills that are easy to build upon. Premier elite protection dogs are trained to be more technical, and can easily search your home and property for intruders. The highest level of dog training we offer is the advanced family and estate K-9 training, which is one of the highest levels of protection dog available in the United States. Full Contact K-9 works with these animals to make them fierce protectors, capable of securing the border of your home and property alone, as well as make them loyal pets to your family, capable of playing catch and release games with your children. These dogs are among the most elite protection dogs available, and rest assured you won’t be disappointed by the choice to train your dog and receive the Full Contact K-9 advantage.

We also offer a puppy package, to provide a puppy and training that fits your lifestyle and needs perfectly. See our pricing page for more options and to see all of the skills we offer.