Full Contact K-9 is headed by dog training specialists and located in the metropolitan Atlanta area. A business focused on the importing, selling, breeding and training of German Shepherd puppies and adults, as well as Malinois puppies, Full Contact K-9 are trusted by hundreds of clients in Georgia for their knowledge and expertise of training German Shepherds and Malinois as obedient protection dogs for families, businesses and individuals.

Riverdale Protection Dogs

Nestled in the south metropolitan Atlanta area, the city of Riverdale is a diverse and populous section of Clayton County. Riverdale is located just a few miles outside of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and is an easy drive from any Atlanta destination.

Whether you are a family with children, a newlywed couple or an elderly resident, having a dog for protection and companionship is a great idea for citizens of a big city like Riverdale. With so many parks nearby and easy access to many Atlanta attractions, having a dog can enrich day-to-day life.

At Full Contact K-9, we know the value of having a sharp, dedicated pet as a member of any family dynamic, and offer the best breeds of dog for residents of the Atlanta area. We breed and sell German Shepherds and Malinois, both breeds that make perfect family pets because they are active, intelligent and easily trained.

Protection Training

Having a Malinois protection dog in a city like Riverdale can only be an asset. Full Contact K-9 offers different levels of Malinois protection training to fit your individual needs.

If you purchase a puppy from Full Contact K-9, they can be trained with our Puppy Development, obedience, and Puppy Protection packages. Puppy development training is the best way to start your relationship with your new dog, because bad behaviors can be discouraged from the get-go. Puppies that go through puppy development training are prime candidates to move on to protection training.

The Full Contact K-9 premier protection dogs are trained to have basic knowledge and skills to protect your home and family. Premier protection dogs will act aggressively when their owner signals a threat. Full Contact K-9 breeds world-class Belgian Malinois to be easily trained and highly skilled, so that you can get the most out of your new pet.

Other levels of protection dog are Premier Elite Protection dogs and Advanced Family and Estate Protection dogs. Premier elite dogs are trained to be technically advanced and are great for active families. If you are an athlete or someone who likes to exercise outdoors alone, a Malinois dog that has been trained at the Premier Elite level makes a great companion.

Advanced Family and Estate dogs are perfect for keeping your home and family secure. These dogs can patrol your grounds as well as play with your children, making them an ideal family pet.

Looking for a Malinois or German Shepherd to create an added sense of security? Call us today or visit our website for information on how to purchase Malinois and German Shepherd puppies and adults, as well as to compare prices on training programs. Full Contact K-9 serves the cities of Milton, Norcross and Peachtree City, among others around metropolitan Atlanta, so that no matter where you live, you will have access to the professional and effective training services we have to offer.