Full Contact K9 offers three developmental programs for puppies and young adult dogs. These programs are designed to accompany obedience training. Each course is tailored individually for pet owners, working puppy handlers and puppies that require confidence building before moving on to a more rigorous program. We hold your hand each step of the way while raising your puppy.

Puppy Development for Pets

Puppy development for pet owners is designed for well-adjusted puppies. This instruction creates structure for very young puppies, builds confidence in the dog and handler and covers the following:

  • Proper feeding, grooming and health care procedures
  • Housebreaking
  • Following the leader (confidence building and leadership from the handler)
  • Leash handling
  • Entering and exiting a crate
  • Socialization
  • Puppy Games
    • Crate
    • Collar
    • Recall

Puppy Development for Working Dogs

Puppy development for working dogs is specific for working breeds. Owners who purchase a puppy to raise and later train as a family protection dog need to develop specific skills.   In this program, working puppies develop a very strong and proper foundation which include:

  • All items included in Puppy Development for Pets
  • Environmental stress development
  • Bite development and targeting through play
  • Introduction to different surface types, loud noises and conflict
  • Handling a working dog
  • Clear communication

Confidence Building for Puppies

Confidence building is designed for dogs that are exhibiting extreme behaviors, which produces an unstable puppy or young adult. During this course, we build confidence and balance into the dog through some of the following techniques:

  • All items included in Puppy Development for Pets
  • Environmental exposure
  • Stress threshold development
  • Interaction and play
  • Engagement
  • Stabilization