Owning a dog is a rewarding experience – there’s nothing like it – and it’s also a great responsibility. We must not only provide proper nutrition and shelter. To do right, dogs need our affection, time and attention. Training, socialization, and exercise are equally important.
Full Contact K-9 training programs begin with puppy fundamentals including housebreaking and early-on imprinting, which are essential building blocks to shape the behaviors of household pets and working dogs. Our canine students become active learners through a system of positive reinforcement, repetition, consistency, leadership and clear communication.
One diverse background in professional dog training combines many schools of thought. Our clients range from families wanting a well-mannered pet to business owners, athletes and entertainers, public figures, professionals and dog aficionados. With our clients’ needs in mind, Full Contact K-9 training programs are customized to suit the dog and his owner’s specific requirements and performance objectives.