Full Contact K-9 provides premier dog training for citizens of Peachtree City. We breed, train, import and sell German Shepherd adults and puppies around the globe. Our dogs are top of the line and our training is unparalleled in efficiency and value. Nowhere in Georgia do dog owners have access to such dedicated training as the residents of metropolitan Atlanta, and Peachtree City is no exception.

Peachtree City Puppies

Located just south of Atlanta, Peachtree City has been awarded the title of the best place to raise kids in Georgia. Comprised of villages like little communities, Peachtree city is a safe, fun environment to raise a family.

From the nature trails at flat creek to the farmers market and the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater, there is no being short of things to do. The Annual Great Georgia Airshow, 90 miles of golf cart paths (that most families use to get around the city) and proximity to Atlanta make Peachtree City the place to be.

In a city as rich in Southern culture as Peachtree City, pets contribute greatly to the relaxed communal atmosphere. German Shepherds make great family pets. Getting a German Shepherd puppy when your kids are young will give them an opportunity to learn responsibility and create a relationship with a pet they can depend on. German Shepherd puppies, when properly trained, can be a great asset to any family looking for an intelligent, active dog to add to their life in Peachtree City.

Puppy Training

Full Contact K-9 sells German Shepherd puppies that have been bred to be superior dogs with unlimited potential. Full Contact K-9 also has a puppy-training package, complete with off leash obedience and some basic protection skills. Imprinting and house breaking are also aspects that trainers will include in puppy programs.

Trainers will work with you and your dog to make sure you are involved and completely understand the training that is being done. Learning alongside your German Shepherd puppy is key to establishing a trust and bond that will last your pet’s lifetime. When your puppy is finished with training, you will have a well-behaved, productive pet for your family, one that is ready to continue with protection training if you so desire.

Protection Training

In such a tight knit community as Peachtree City, neighbors and families know everyone and everything there is to know. Having a dog is just another way to interact with other families as well as keep an eye on what is going on around your home. German Shepherds can be trained as protection dogs that will alert you if they suspect a threat. With enough work, they can be trained to secure homes independently and discourage intruders. As any parent will attest, making sure your kids are safe at home is one of the biggest challenges, and a German Shepherd that has been trained by Full Contact K-9 is one of the best ways to keep your family protected.

Full Contact K-9 also offer obedience training and other levels of protection training should German Shepherd owners wish to continue as their puppy grows. There are different levels of protection training tailored to a family’s specific needs. Premier protection dogs react aggressively when their owner’s signal for a potential threat. They are equipped with basic protection skills and are great for families. Premier Elite protection dogs are given more protection skills and are great for people who live very active lives. Advanced Family and Estate Protection dogs can patrol the perimeters of a home or business and are highly skilled and trained to work independently.

Whatever kind or level of training you decide for your German Shepherd puppy, you will be in safe hands with Full Contact K-9. Residents all over metro Atlanta have found Full Contact K-9 dog training to be a greatly rewarding experience that gives them peace of mind as well as a friendly family pet.

In addition to Peachtree City, Full Contact K-9 serves the cities of Milton, Riverdale, and Norcross, among many others in the greater Atlanta area. Call today to set up an appointment or to look into purchasing a new German Shepherd puppy for your family!