About Us

Full Contact K-9 is a the premier dog training service for Pacific Grove, California. Focused on dog sales, as well as obedience and protection training, Full Contact K-9 breeds and selects the best dogs from all over the world to provide for our customers. We train and sell puppies as well as adult dogs for a variety of clients all over the United States. We make it our mission to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their dogs and their experience with our training programs, and in that we never disappoint.

Pacific Grove

Home of the longest continually operating lighthouse on the California coast and the most Victorian style homes per capita in America, Pacific Grove hits all the high points of a great residential and tourist city located in the Monterey area. Pacific Grove is also the welcome recipient of the annual Monarch butterfly migration, in which the butterflies cover the trees and foliage of the town and ride out the winter.

Pacific Grove was once a haven for artists, and retains its historical presence as a great tourist attraction along the California coastline. As quaint and small a town as a Monterey County can offer, Pacific Grove is a family friendly area rich in charm and picturesque parks and shoreline.

Protection Dog Training

Ensuring your family’s safety is probably at the top of your priority list, so why not look into gaining a pet and security in the same place? Full Contact K-9 starts with dogs as young as a few months and trains them to be obedient, loyal companions. We also train adult dogs with little obedience or protection training, and try to work with each dog to obtain the level of skill that fits you and your family.

At Full Contact K-9 we offer a puppy package of a hand-selected puppy that has been trained with basic obedience skills and the foundation skills for protection training later on. We will also train your puppy in order to prepare them for the more intensive work required for upper level protection training. When we train dogs at the premier protection level, we are teaching your dog the skills necessary to become defensive when you signal them. Dogs at this level can respond quickly and aggressively to perceived threat, but still make ideal family pets. Premier elite protection dogs have gone through the next stage of training, and come out ready to search homes and property, react appropriately in loud or busy environments, and even play catch and release games with kids.

The final tier of protection training provided at Full Contact K-9 is the advanced family and estate program, after which your dog will be a professional level protection dog, capable of securing your home and property as well as all effectively protect you and your family in addition to all of the perks of having a loyal, fluffy pet.

If you live in the Pacific Grove area and are looking into getting a protection dog, check out our price breakdown on our website for more information and to get an estimate on cost. You won’t regret the decision to work with Full Contact K-9!