At Full Contact K9, integrity, leadership and learning are our core values.  Our team represents highly sought after professionals with decades of combined experience. “Total commitment, unleashed potential” is our promise.

Evan DunbarEvan Dunbar

Evan Dunbar is the President of Full Contact K9 and ProK9 Equipment. At an early age he was inspired by his uncle who introduced him to work-oriented dogs. Since that time, Evan has had the opportunity to study from and train with the “who’s who” of the working dog world.

His areas of expertise include advanced obedience, personal protection, service K9, and pet instruction. He is also an active participant in Schutzhund and French Ring dog sports. A modern and dynamic trainer, Evan’s unique style is technical and combines elements of both positive methods with classical approaches.

Full Contact Canine LLC is the culmination of a lifelong respect for animals, his passion for dogs, and Evan’s personal beliefs which emphasize ingenuity, integrity, and continuous learning in the world of professional dog training. He earned his B.B.A from Mercer University.

Evan has assembled a team of some of the most respected trainers in the industry to offer Full Contact K9 clients unparalleled experience, skill and service.  He teaches all levels of obedience and protection in private lessons on Wednesdays and Sundays in North Atlanta.  Schedule a consultation with Evan today by calling: 678.235.5959 or contact us

Mens Book - Full Contact K9

Evan was featured in Modern Luxury “Men’s Book”, Winter 2016.

Chuck Rawlings

Chuck Rawlings - Professional Dog Trainer

Chuck Rawlings is the Training Director at Full Contact K9 and Business Development Director at Pro K9 Equipment. A seasoned K9 handler of single and dual purpose service dogs, Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge to our organization. His background in the dog world began in 1982 when he studied animal behavior and tracking with the late trainer David Morgan. In 1998, Chuck began studying veterinary medicine as a technician under Dr. Hannah Guishard of Union City Veterinary Medical Center and Emergency Clinic where his education continues. Over the next decade, he advanced in his involvement as a handler and participant on man – dog patrol teams. Chuck is most inspired by his devoted wife and five talented children.

Continuing Education:

2017 Police K9 Conference, Las Vegas, NV

  1. Police K9 training fundamentals
  2. The Four Parts of K9 Aggression Instinct and the Pack/Bonding Instinct
  3. Reality Based Detection Training
  4. Unraveling Misunderstood and Misconceptions about Scent Training AIDS
  5. Decoy and Bite Work
  6. Developing a Reliable Out
  7. K9 Aggression and Decoy
  8. Transferring Bite Work to the Reality of the Street

Chuck is available for in-kennel training and private lessons South of Atlanta.  He teaches all levels of obedience, protection and detection.  Schedule a consultation with Chuck today by calling: 678.235.5959 or contact us here.

K9 Training Certificate

Advanced personal Protection K9 Certified

Certificate for Canine Law Enforcement Training

Advanced Law Enforcement Certified

Certificate for Canine Law Enforcement Training

Certificate for Canine Law Enforcement Training

Chris RedenbachChris Redenbach

Chris Redenbach CDBC, CBCC-KA is a dog trainer and certified behavior consultant with over 30 years of experience training working, competition and pet dogs.

Chris also teaches professional trainers to learn the science of dog behavior. She is one of only two people in the state of GA to hold both behavior certifications from CCPDT and IAABC. Chris really knows dog behavior and will teach you to understand your dog while helping you achieve the pleasurable and cooperative partnership all dog owners want but few have.

She understands and encompasses the skill and experience level Full Contact Canine clients expect. Chris teaches private lessons in Lawrenceville and in-home lessons throughout he Atlanta metro area.

Schedule a consultation with Chris today by calling: 678.235.5959 or contact us here

Jimmy Vanhove Jimmy Vanhove – California

Jimmy Vanhove hails from Marcq-en-Baroeul, France and is an internationally respected French and Mondio Ring decoy, trainer and competitor.  His experience spans the globe where he has instructed police K9 units, taught competitive dog sport seminars, and worked independently, training executive level dogs for private clients.

Full Contact Canine has built a reputation of excellence, which makes Jimmy perfectly suited to offer his talent, enthusiasm and expertise to our clients.  Based out of California, Jimmy teaches all levels of obedience and protection and can be booked for seminars.  He is available for private lessons in San Jose and also offers in-home and board-train services for clients throughout California. To schedule an appointment with Jimmy, please call: 678.235.5959 or contact us here.

Jimmy’s many accomplishments:

Canine Decoy / MPC Instructor, iK9 LLC, AL
K-9 Decoy Seminars/ Instructor, Internationally 2008-2012US, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Europe
Police Officer (Gendarmerie), Canine Unit, Instructor, France
K9 Trainer/ Decoy, La T’Aniere D’or Kennel, Lille, France
Dog Breeding Program Graduate
Education and Training:
2004 – Police Working Dog Handler Course
2003 – Level 2 Mondio ring Decoy
2004 – Police Decoy Course
2004 – Police  Canine Avalanche Course (search and rescue)
2004 – Level 1 French Ring Decoy
2005 – Level 2 French Ring Decoy
2005 – Police Advanced Decoy Course
2008 – Level 3 French Ring Decoy (Highest Level held in US)
Awards and Honors:
2010, 2011,2012 French Ring World Champion
2008, 2009 French Decoy Champion
2008 Canada Cup – Decoy Champion
2008 Mexico Cup – Decoy Champion
2003 – 2012 Over 60 Decoy Competitions Internationally

Theresa TherilusTheresa Therilus Client Legal Advisor

Theresa Therilus serves as Client Legal Advisor for Full Contact K9. Ms. Therilus obtained her Bachelors of Business Administration in Economics and Legal Studies from the University of Miami and has a J.D. from Harvard Law School. She is an adjunct Professor of Law at St. Thomas University School of Law and previously served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida.

For years, Ms. Therilus has worked as trusted advisor for a number of high-profile clients in the sports and entertainment industry, namely the NFL. An animal-lover herself, Ms. Therilus understands the complex ownership and liability questions that come with investing in a fully-trained protection dog. In addition to consulting services, she also offers comprehensive pet trust services for clients seeking to protect the newest addition to their family. With membership in the animal section of the Florida Bar, Ms. Therilus is a tremendous asset to Full Contact K9 and their clients.

For more information about pet trust services click here.