Full Contact K9 obedience training is built on the principles of clarity, communication, leadership, trust and respect. Our system utilizes a combination of positive reinforcement and classical techniques, which produces dogs who learn actively by readily engaging in the activity. From puppy development to advance off leash obedience, your dog will gain confidence and demonstrate his willingness to follow commands. Whether you’re looking to buy an already professionally trained dog or looking for private training for a dog you already own, Full Contact K9 has a solution for you.

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Basic Obedience Dog Training

  • Stop (when walking)
  • Down (lie down)
  • Return to sit (dog comes from down to sitting position)
  • Heel
  • Stay (short duration)
  • Recall (dog comes when called)
  • Auto-sit (automatically sit when owner stops walking)
  • Finish
  • Wait at the door
  • Polite greeting (not jumping on guests)
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Intermediate Obedience Dog Training

Our intermediate course incorporates the fundamentals learned in Basic Obedience while preparing your dog for off leash training.

  • Hand signals (commands are delivered by hand instead of verbally)
  • Sit-in-motion (come to automatic sit when walking)
  • Down-in-motion (automatically lie down during walk)
  • Recall sit (come when called and automatically sit)
  • Stand
  • Short down with handler absent
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Advanced Obedience Dog Training

The Full Contact K9 Advanced Obedience Course involves working your dog around a variety of distractions including other animals, noisy public environments, and crowds of people. Upon completion of this course, you will have total off-leash control of your dog.

  • All commands taught during the previous courses are achieved without a leash
  • Long down with handler absent
  • Distractions
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