Full Contact K-9 wants to help you find and train the perfect dog to suit your family and needs. Whether you want a German Shepherd or Malinois puppy, a trained adult German Shepherd or to train your own German Shepherd, Full Contact K-9 is the way to go for citizens of metropolitan Atlanta.

Norcross Protection Dogs

If you live in a suburb of Atlanta, you know that city life can be hectic and unpredictable. But if you live in Norcross, you know that the easygoing pace of the south lives just outside the borders of any big city. In Norcross, you get the best of both worlds.

The second oldest city in Gwinnett County, Norcross is located just south of Johns Creek. A “place to imagine”, Norcross is a blend of city life and southern comfort nestled in the heart of Georgia. Atlanta is easily accessible from here, but a large amount of parks and green space make Norcross a great place to raise a family.

With its community parks and outdoor theaters, annual Slotin Folk Festival and Lionheart Theatre Company, there is no shortage of entertainment and festivities in Norcross. Because Norcross boasts great schools and family friendly activities, there is no shortage of neighborhoods and communities where children are welcome.

Protection Dog Training

If you have a family and are looking to add a pet to your numbers, Full Contact K-9 has a solution. Full Contact K-9 trains German Shepherds of all ages to be obedient, loyal, protective pets.

If you are fearful of leaving your home unattended or want an extra layer of security for your children at night, full Contact K-9 offers protection dog training that can’t be beat. Your German Shepherd can be trained from the time they are a puppy by going through the stages of Full Contact K-9 obedience training. From basic training for puppies up to premier elite protection do training, your German Shepherd will be prepped to handle any situation and will allow you complete off-leash control of your dog.

Full Contact K-9 also sells fully trained protection dogs that come ready to integrate into your family and life. We import, sell, breed and train German Shepherds from all over the world so that you can be assured your dog will be bred specially for protection. German Shepherds also make great exercise partners for people who are intimidated to run alone or at night, and guard your home while you are away at work.

Dog Training Programs

No matter your need, Full Contact K-9 has a program for you. The puppy program is ideal for new pet owners who want to be involved in the training of their dog. Our trainers will guide you through each step of puppy training so that you know what to do in any situation. At the end, your puppy will be well behaved, obedient and ready to begin protection training.

The next tier of German Shepherd protection training is the Premier Protection Dog. Your dog will be given the first elements of protection training and will be able to react aggressively when you signal for potential threat. Premier Elite Protection Dogs have been trained in the next tier of protection training. They are ideal for individuals who are active and want a dog to protect their home, family and valuables. Advanced Family and Estate K9s are fully trained to conduct searches and protect families in any situation or location. Dogs this advanced can perform a variety of tasks all pinpointed to protecting your home and family in a way other services cannot.

If you live in Norcross and are looking for a pet or protector (or both), look no further than Full Contact K-9. Full Contact K-9 also serves the cities of Milton, Riverdale and Peachtree City.