About Us

Full Contact K-9 provides dog-training services to the people of Alameda County and the surrounding Silicon Valley area. A Georgia-based business, Full Contact K-9 specializes in training and selling protection dogs and puppies. Full Contact K-9 dogs are versatile and friendly while being highly skilled and intelligent- the perfect combination for a dog in the San Francisco Bay.

Newark, California

Newark is a city in Alameda County, California, and was incorporated in 1955. Newark is situated next to Fremont, across the bay from Palo Alto. The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge is located slightly to the northwest of Newark. Newark, along with Fremont and Union City, helps make up Alameda’s Tri-City area. The Newark economy is influenced by the proximity of Silicon Valley and the technology companies there. Residents there work in technology jobs, and the historic Cargill Salt refinery still employs a large number.

Though the city is very much influenced by technology, Newark remains a small city with small-town charm. Residents of Newark love having pets to increase their sense of security as well as have companions during social outings.  Families with small children may want to start out with a small puppy that can grow with their children, and at Full Contact K-9 we know that young dogs have specific training needs.

Dog Training

Full Contact K-9 offers dog training in multiple ways. We offer protection dog training for individuals who want a dog to be able to protect their home as well as be an active, playful companion. We offer obedience training so that your dog can learn to obey both verbal and non-verbal commands, on and off the leash. We also offer a puppy development package, where we supply a puppy and obedience training that includes socialization and housebreaking.

We offer three programs for puppies and young adult dogs in need of puppy development. The first program is for pets, or young puppies that need structure and discipline in order to behave well in a home setting. These dogs, along with their handler, are taught skills like housebreaking, leash handling, and proper feeding and hygiene practices to keep the puppy healthy and happy.

We also have puppy development for working dogs, or dogs that the owner intends to train as a protection dog. These dogs must develop certain skills early on in order to be effective family protectors. Dogs in this program are trained in basic pet development training, as well as learn how to behave in different environments with different levels of noise and crowds, and are trained in communication and handling. A confidence-building program is also available for young dogs that have not responded to regular training. These dogs may behave in an extreme way, and need to be guided more carefully through puppy development. This training helps stabilize unruly dogs and helps them deal with stress and interact well with humans and other dogs.

All of our programs for puppy training are designed to include the handler and ensure both puppy and master are comfortable and confident every step of the way. Contact Us today!