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Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service that started in Atlanta, Georgia and has now branched out to serve the Silicon Valley area of California. Residents of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Alameda can now reap the benefits of having a Full Contact K-9 trainer in their midst, and we couldn’t be happier with the recent expansion.

We may be based in Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay area, but we’re a global company. We source our dogs from around the globe, hand selecting the best and brightest dogs of each breed. We serve clients all across the US, selling adult dogs and puppies and providing private protection and obedience training. At Full Contact K-9 we are dedicated to perfection and unleashing your dog’s full potential, and the variety of services and packages we provide is a testament to that.

Morgan Hill

Incorporated into Santa Clara County in 1906, the city of Morgan Hill is located 10 miles south of San Jose in northern California. Part of the Silicon Valley area, Morgan Hill serves as a bedroom community for the thousands of people who work for nearby tech companies.

Visitors and residents alike appreciate the natural beauty and resources of Morgan Hill. The landscape is dotted with wineries and parks like the Henry W. Coe State Park, Anderson Lake County Park and others. Events such as the Morgan Hill Freedom Fest, Mushroom Mardi Gras and Taste of Morgan Hill festival bring thousands of residents together each year. Though Morgan Hill is located closely to the hustle of Silicon Valley, there is a vestigial element of the small town in Morgan Hill’s close-knit community and family-friendly parks and recreation.

Dog Training

We offer full dog training services at a variety of levels to fit your budget and needs. Along with puppy obedience training, we also offer obedience training for older dogs and protection dog training.

Our puppy obedience training lays the foundation for all other work that we do. Puppies learn to socialize and are house trained to ease their transition into adulthood and into your home. After puppies have gone through our puppy obedience training, they are ready for further obedience training or protection dog training.

Protection dog training can seem complicated, but at Full Contact K-9 we break it down into three levels so that it’s easy to find a program that will work for you. Premier elite protection dogs have gone through basic protection dog training and can act aggressively on command. These dogs are manageable, defensive and loyal, great for a family just starting out with dog owning. The next level of training results in a premier elite protection dog. These dogs have more skills than the premier protection dogs, and can search and protect your home from intruders.

Advanced family and estate K-9s receive the highest level of protection training. These dogs are capable of patrolling and securing your home and property independently of anyone else, and are great playmates for children or running companions for adults. Whatever level of training you want for your dog, Full Contact K-9 is here to help you find and train the dog of your dreams.