About Us

Full Contact K-9 lead the country in dog sales, breeding and training. With innovative techniques and specialized approaches to obedience and protection training for dogs of all ages, Full Contact K-9 offers the gambit in services for you and your favorite canine. Whether you are in the market for a puppy with basic obedience skills or an adult dog with elite protection training, we can find the perfect dog or service to bring out their Full Contact K-9 potential.


Home to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey Jazz Festival and Fisherman’s Wharf, the city of Monterey is an eclectic mix of old and new located on the pristine central coast of California. This city boasts many of California’s firsts, such as the first city to have a printing press or a public library, and was home to many artists and writers in earlier centuries.

Monterey is a family-friendly residential and tourist city, with enough of wildlife and entertainment to occupy even the most skeptical of vacationers. The people of Monterey are an eclectic mix of heritage and ethnicity, and the city is one where multiple languages can often be heard during the course of one conversation. If there ever was a perfect place to raise a family, Monterey would be it. Known as an exceptionally dog-friendly part of the country, Monterey County knows the value of training dogs to be both great family pets and well behaved members of society, and Full Contact K-9 help make that happen.

Dog training

Full Contact K-9 have both protection dogs for sale as well as training available for a dog you currently own. Obedience training is available for dogs as young as a few months old, and is perfect for families who want a dog that is capable of obeying off-leash commands but still remain docile and even tempered. We provide puppies that are trained in obedience and in areas such as housebreaking and socialization. We also provide training for adult dogs that allows more control over their movements and levels of on-leash and off-leash commands. Trained dogs are more likely to become loyal members of your family and behave well around children.

Full Contact K-9 also offer protection training for the dogs of those who need an added sense of security in their homes and on their property. Premier protection dogs, when commanded, act aggressively and defensively towards a perceived threat. Premier elite protection dogs are capable of securing a home or guarding it while you and your family are away, as well as reacting aggressively when signaled. Advanced family and estate protection dogs are highly skilled in all areas of family and home protection. They can play fetch with your kids during the day, and then patrol the perimeter of your home or land at night. All of our dogs come with a seal of approval for a family-based community like Monterey, so you can be sure that your Full Contact K-9 will fit in perfectly in your home and surroundings.