Full Contact K9 California

Dog TrainingExpect to see a difference when you receive private training or purchase your dog from Full Contact K9. Our professional services in training dogs for protection is unmatched. After we made the leap of expansion into the west coast and the Silicon Valley area, we can now confidently say that we bring the best in dog protection to the two most beautiful regions of the US.

Los Gatos

Located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the town of Los Gatos is one of Santa Clara County’s oldest and most beautiful communities.  There are many parks and amenities for Los Gatos residents, like the Los Gatos Creek Trail for biking and running enthusiasts, and the ample mountains in Los Gatos are covered in mountain biking trails. A key part of Silicon Valley, Los Gatos is home to the founder of Netflix, which was created there and which still employs nearly 1,000 of Los Gatos’ residents.

Pets are a big part of life in Los Gatos. Whether you are a young family just starting out or a retired couple enjoying the sunshine of the Santa Clara area, dogs are often the perfect companions for trekking the Los Gatos Creek Trail or for having with you as you walk your neighborhood at night. Loyal and protective, friendly and even-tempered: these are the qualities you can expect when you bring your dog to Full Contact K9 California.

All Dog Training

Our dog trainers care as much about your dog as you do, and want to see pet and owner relationships become strengthened as a result of our training sessions. We offer training in puppy development, obedience and protection.

Puppy development training is key to setting a good foundation for your dog’s lifetime. We work with owners and their new pets to teach puppies the basics like housebreaking and socialization, and to inform their human caretaker of the best practices and approaches to integrating a puppy into their life. Obedience training is similar, but can be for dogs at any stage. If your dog behaves badly or you just can’t get them to obey your commands, bring them in to Full Contact K9 and let us help sort out your dog’s bad behavior.

Some of the most important and difficult work we do is in the manner of protection dog training. We choose certain breeds of dog for our protection dog packages because they are more susceptible to the kinds of rigorous training that goes into protection work, but we can train any breed of dog to be defensive when in the presence of danger.

Trained German Shepherds for Sale

Selecting the right dog for you and your family is extremely important, and at Full Contact K9 we like to take the work out of the process for our clients. You fill out a questionnaire about what qualities and skills you are looking for in a dog, and we can match you with the perfect companion or protector. We always have fully trained German Shepherds for sale, as they are our original and favorite breed to work with because of their intelligence and adaptability. Visit our homepage to see which dogs are available for purchase today.