Our Commitment

Full Contact K9 dog training service is the premier service for protection and obedience training for all breeds of dogs. We want to bring out the unleashed potential of all dogs, and our trainers know how to best work with dogs of any skill level and owners from all walks of life. Our services have recently been brought to the great state of California, and we proudly serve the patrons of the Silicon Valley area.

Los Altos Hills 

The town of Los Altos Hills is located five miles south of Stanford University in Santa Clara County, and is a gloriously little-developed paradise for its residents. The rolling hills that give the town its name have been preserved for generations by people who feel strongly that the biggest asset the area has is its picturesque views and agricultural possibilities. An 85-mile Pathway System winds through the town, a perfect avenue for runners, bikers or other nature-lovers to connect with and appreciate the beauty of the town. Families and young couples who like to take advantage of the outdoor amenities of Los Altos or that want to feel secure in their homes or at night can take advantage of Full Contact K9’s Silicon Valley services to harness their dog’s full potential.

Dog Training

At Full Contact K9, we provide the best training for protection dogs on the market today. Dogs come out of training with us with the skills to protect their family or owner, as well as be manageable in any situation. We offer three levels of protection training so that you can find the best fit for you and your dog.

The first level of training will make your K9 a Premier Protection dog. This means that your dog will have the fundamental skills to protect and guard you and your home. Premier Protection dogs will only act aggressively when signaled by their owner, know all basic commands such as sit, stay, finish and release, and are easy to manage in noisy or crowded environments.

The next level of dog training with Full Contact K9 results in a Premier Elite Protection dog. Premier Elite dogs are have all the skills of Premier Protection dogs, and then some. These dogs are highly skilled and are great for families who live in areas like Los Altos Hills, where recreation and activity is readily available.

The highest level of protection training offered is the Advanced Family and Estate K9. Dogs at this level are highly advanced protection dogs capable of independently protecting your home and property from intruders. No matter what level of protection you’re looking for or what purpose you want your dog to serve, at Full Contact K9, our expert dog trainers are willing to work with you to find a comfortable level of training.

We supply fully trained German Shepherds for sale as part of our protection dog packages. We offer other breeds as well, dogs that we have hand selected from purebred litters and trained in basic obedience training. We also offer German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers and Belgian Malinios, as well as train whatever breed of dog you currently have. Check out our pricing page for more information on packages!