About Us: Full Contact K-9

dog training Full Contact K9 is a dog training service that trains all puppies and adult dogs in obedience and protection training. We also assist new dog owners in buying a dog or puppy from a trustworthy source, as well as offer dogs that we have picked and trained especially for our customers. Clients in search of obedient dogs or dogs with protection training need look no further than Full Contact K9, as we offer packages that include a dog as well as whatever level of training they desire.

We have also recently expanded our services to Santa Clara, California and surrounding counties in the Silicon Valley area. Our growth is due in part to our unparalleled expertise in dog training and sales, as well as the fantastic support of our customers. Client satisfaction is an extremely important part of what we do, and our new service location in California is a testament to how well we serve and love our customers.

Ladera, California Dog Training

Ladera is a small residential community in San Mateo County, California. The name Ladera is spanish for hillside, and the area abuts the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains. Residents of Ladera often commute to larger cities in the region that have felt the influence of nearby Silicon Valley. Close access to mountains, creeks, trails, beaches and parks makes Ladera a great place to call home, and an even better place to raise a family. Keeping your family active is an important part of life in Ladera. At Full Contact K9, we’ve found that families often come for us to find a companion and pet for their family, and often hear back from clients that they are enjoying their local community so much more now that they have a dog. With that in mind, we offer all of our available dog training and dog sales services to the people of Ladera.

Puppy Sales

Finding the perfect dog for you or your family can be challenging. Deciding what breed, age, or whether to adopt or buy is a huge task that can often be overwhelming. At Full Contact K9, we take the guesswork out of buying. We offer purebred puppies and dogs from high-class bloodlines, trained by us from the beginning so that when our clients receive their new puppy, they are receiving a dog that has been hand-selected to be obedient and even-tempered. We carefully select and import the best of every breed of dog from across the globe, specializing in Rottwillers, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Picking a dog with a personality and temperament that matches your own is key, but sometimes dogs need help adjusting to new homes and new expectations. That’s why at Full Contact K9, we offer training in obedience for all puppies and older dogs in order to help strengthen the bonds between master and dog.

Puppy Development Training

If you’re just starting out with a puppy and have idea where to begin, look for our puppy development training package. We work with you and your new companion to strengthen good behavior and weed out bad habits, so that your dog will be ready for obedience or protection training in no time.