Jonesboro residents who want their dog to have more discipline can use Full Contact K9. We can instill the qualities you want most in your dog. From basic obedience to more intense training like how to intimidate would-be attackers, Full Contact K9 has the experience and the knowledge to teach both you and your dog the skills you need to work as a team.

Jonesboro Dog Training

Jonesboro is a beautiful city with homes that boast big back yards. There are also plenty of neighborhoods to enjoy walking through and trails to run on. For instance, the Jester Creek walking trail offers a beautiful scenic walk or jog through Georgia pines and alongside picturesque meadows. These settings make Jonesboro the perfect place to raise a family that includes a four-legged friend who can be your steadfast companion.

Full Contact K9 can help that furry companion become the best dog it can be with the help of our training services. We help take the stress out of owning a dog or getting a puppy used to its new home. Our straightforward dog training classes give you clear instructions on how to handle your dog while introducing them to commands that are the building blocks of good behavior.

Protection Dog Training in Jonesboro

Families who want their dog to help protect their family can take training to the next level with protection dog training courses. These courses range from basic behavior to intimidate aggressors up to full-blown bite engagement with anyone unfortunate enough to intrude upon your safety.

We prefer starting out animals with introduction courses when they are still a puppy, but many well-behaved companion dogs can make the transition to protection dogs several years into their adulthood. All of our courses begin with a complimentary evaluation to gauge your dog’s demeanor and your comfort levels with handling the dog so we can tailor our training to suit your individual personalities.

Protection Dogs for Sale in Jonesboro

Instead of worrying about training your dog, why not just adopt a fully-trained animal? Our protection dogs for sale come to you fully-trained and bred from the best German shepherd lines known for obedience and unflappable focus. We also sell Belgian Malinois protection dogs or other breeds to accommodate your personal needs.

Depending on the protection dog you buy, it will be able to display aggression to ward off would-be assailants, defend handlers in public situations, protect from home intruders, back down from any threats on command and actively patrol your property to investigate strange noises, smells or people. Our most basic trained puppies for sale are housebroken and respond to common commands like sit/stay. Every trained German shepherd dog for sale will also turn on or off aggressive body language on command from handlers.


While we are based in Atlanta, our flexible operating model allows us to sell animals anywhere in the world and provide dog training services in Jonesboro and other areas near metro Atlanta.

We can train your dog in both private and public properties throughout your community or even in your own home. Ideally, an animal will receive training in several environments so that they will show desired behaviors regardless of the setting.

In the end, you will have a happier dog, a happier you and much more flexibility in your lifestyle thanks to having one less thing to worry about. Let Full Contact K9 unleash your dog’s true potential!