The Full Contact K9 Difference

Hollister, CA Trained Dogs For SaleBased in Atlanta, Georgia, we specialize in all dog training: puppy training and housebreaking, puppy and dog obedience training, and protection dog training. We have recently made the move to expand our business to Silicon Valley, California, and have been met with enthusiastic dog owners from many walks of life who all want the same thing- to see the Full Contact K9 difference in their dog. “Total commitment, unleashed potential” is more than our brand, it’s our promise. At Full Contact K9, we always give 100 percent to help you and your dog achieve a great balance and close friendship. Strengthening the bonds of dog and master relationships is an important element to dog training programs like those offered here at Full Contact K9.

Hollister, California

Located in San Benito County, Hollister is a city rich with agricultural assets and breathtaking scenery that serve a variety of needs. With the Hollister Hills Vehicular Recreation Area and back country roads that wind around hills and lush agriculture, the city of Hollister is a must-ride destination for bike lovers. Often home to huge Fourth of July motorcycle rallies, Hollister is a great place to spend a summer’s day cruising through Pinnacles National Park (an ancient volcanic field) or searching for wineries nestled in the many valleys. Whether or not you’re a bike fan, Hollister is recognized by its residents as a great place to call home.

In a beautiful city like Hollister where there is unlimited access to gorgeous nature, having a companion to enjoy the outdoors with is an essential part of life. Many people and families in Hollister enjoy the benefits of owning pets year round.

Obedience Training

Some dogs aren’t inherently friendly or obedient, and often need lots of training and attention in order to become suitable family pets. Full Contact K9 offer obedience training for all dogs to meet the demands of new pet owners with mischievous puppies or old pet owners with stubborn adult dogs. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training that will have your dog obeying commands on or off their leash, in a variety of environments.

Protection Dog Training

Sometime when you live alone or have small children, you worry a lot about the safety of your home and the people inside it. Fancy alarm systems and security cameras are practical and very useful, but aren’t the same as an alert watchdog that is emotionally attached to your or your family.  If you are searching for a dog that can protect you and your family from intruders or other threats, Full Contact K9 has the perfect dog or protection training program for you. We offer trained German shepherd dogs that have been bred specifically to meet our high standards for protection dogs, and can also train other breeds of dogs to be fierce defenders of their owners.

There are four levels or packages of protection dog training. The first begins when dogs are still puppies, and when the foundational skills for protection dog training are first introduced to your dog. Subsequent levels include premier protection dogs and premier elite protection dogs, which are highly skilled dogs that can protect your family from harm. Advanced family and estate dogs have the highest protection training we provide, and are able to secure homes and property so that you can sleep soundly.