Dog Training Services for Gustine

protection dog trainingAt Full Contact K9, we stand above other dog training services with the quality of our customer service. Other trainers treat each dog the same and expect to see results. At Full Contact K9, we know that every dog is different and ensure each of our training programs can be altered to fit each dog’s behaviors and personality to gain the best possible results. We offer protection dog training, obedience training and puppy training to all dogs, as well as sell trained dogs that we hand select from around the world.

Full Contact K9 now has a location in California’s Silicon Valley! Our ability to grow and meet the demand for protection and all dog training is possible only through the business our loyal clients bring to us.

Gustine, California

A small community covering only a little over one and a half square miles of land, the city of Gustine was established as a station on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and has grown into a mainly residential city in Merced, California.

Today the main industry in Gustine is dairy production and processing, and the area is quickly becoming a bedroom community to nearby San Francisco, with many workers looking for affordable housing outside the Bay area. Because people from all over the region come to live in Gustine, residents often live in tight quarters, making pets that are obedient as well as protective a great asset.

California Dog Training

We offer something for everyone at Full Contact K9. Whether you are a family looking to add a puppy to your life or live independently and want a running partner or want to feel secure in your home, there is a dog and a package for your needs.

Our puppy training and obedience programs are unparalleled. We work with puppy owners and guide them along with their dog through all the stages of development and training. Puppies are prone to bad behavior, and having a puppy trained by Full Contact K9 ensures that you will have the knowledge to prevent those behaviors before they wreak havoc on your home. House breaking, socialization and leash handling are all skills you and your puppy will learn during our training program. We also have puppies for sale that are ready to begin training!


Dog obedience training is essential to ensure that you and your dog can communicate effectively in any scenario. Full Contact K9 have three levels of obedience training available for dog owners who feel they do not have control over their pet. At the first level, dogs learn simple tasks and can stop, stay, and wait at the door on command. At the intermediate level, dogs respond to hand signals instead of verbal signals, and can perform more complicated tasks like coming when called and automatically sitting. Advanced level dogs can be controlled off-leash, and can perform all commands previously learned without a leash. They are also able to follow commands in any environment and around any number of people or other animals.
Protection dogs are also a big part of what we do at Full Contact K9. If you are interested in training your dog to be a protection dog or are looking for trained German Shepherds for sale, visit our website for services and purchasing options.