Full Contact K-9: Silicon Valley

trained dogs for saleLeaders in private training for all dogs, Full Contact K9 specialize in protection dog training and sales. We offer trained German Shepherds for sale, as well as provide all dog training for any breed, puppy or adult.

Though our roots are in Georgia, we have recently expanded service to the Silicon Valley area of California. The huge growth in the area, the large residential neighborhoods, and, let’s face it, the weather, made Santa Clara a no-brainer for our first expansion out of the Atlanta area. Though we’ve always made our dogs available for purchase all over the US, we wanted to bring our dog training expertise to another coast and another market.


The perfect place for an active family, the city of Gilroy in Santa Clara County showcases some of the best California has to offer: scenic parks, an active downtown community, proximity to beaches and award-winning urban forests, to name a few.

Known as the garlic capital of the world, Gilroy’s economy is driven by the food processing industry and the booming market for technological innovation being brought in by neighboring Silicon Valley. Despite Gilroy’s economic prosperity, the city has retained its quiet natural elements with the presence of twelve parks, Uvas Creek Park Reserve and the horticultural theme park Gilroy Gardens. Just like its abundance of outdoor recreation suggests, Santa Clara is known for its active residents, and often young individuals or people starting families look for companions like dogs for protection and to help keep them active- and that’s where we come in.

Trained Dogs For Sale

Full Contact K9 will train your dog to be protective and obedient. We offer full protection dog services, from basic protection skills like acting defensive on command all the way up to independently securing homes, so that there is a level where every family and every dog can feel comfortable. We have protection trained dogs for sale that are able to complete tasks such as waiting at the door or staying in place. They are a step above dogs that have only had obedience training because they are very receptive to commands by their owner when it comes to acting defensively. They will not act aggressively unless you tell them to.

The next level of protection dog training will result in a highly skilled companion for you and your family. These dogs are great at playing with children as well as sensing danger or intruders in your home. The third level of training results in the best protection dog that money can buy. These dogs are fierce protectors and can independently secure grounds and property so that you can rest easy. We also offer obedience training for all breeds, aiding you and your dog in communication. Puppy packages are also available, and include a hand selected, top-of-the-line puppy that has been house broken, socialized, and is ready to learn foundational obedience and protective training.