About Full Contact K9

protection dog trainingWe are a full dog training service that specializes in the training of all dog breeds. Our main mission is to bring quality protection and obedience training, as well as fully trained dogs, to customers.

At Full Contact K9, our biggest priority is customer satisfaction. No matter which of our services you choose, we want your experience and your dog’s experience to be exactly what you want and paid for. Customers come back to us again and again because of our great attention to individual needs and our accommodation for all dogs. We have recently expanded our business to include Silicon Valley, California. Having a location on both coasts allows us to serve patrons all across the US, and helps make our dogs more readily available for sale. It doesn’t matter if you live in Georgia or in the San Francisco area, we’ll always be ready to bring our services to you and your family.

Fremont, California Dog Training

Located in Alameda County, the city of Fremont is the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay area. Part nature preserve, part booming industry and city life, Fremont has the best of both worlds. Fremont is home to many nature preserves and parks, including Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth, a large recreational park, as well as Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge and Mission Peak Regional Reserve. Families and visitors often flock to these outdoor havens for exercise or entertainment. Other assets of the Fremont community are the strong ties to technology and innovation. Notably, the first mac computer was manufactured in Fremont, and the city is often associated with Silicon Valley and the tech industry.

Family life in Fremont brings both joy and challenges. Keeping your family safe in a populous city like Fremont can be a worry for many parents, and protecting your home while you’re away can often be a struggle even with alarm systems and sensors. Many families in the Silicon Valley area have already taken advantage of the superior dog training services provided by Full Contact K9.

Protection Dogs in Alameda

Full Contact K9 provides protection dog training as well as fully trained dogs. Protection dog training is difficult and can be disastrous if not done properly. Dog training is a skill that the trainers at Full Contact K9 have spent years mastering in order to bring you the very best in protection dogs.

Our services come at four different levels to fit a variety of needs. Our puppy package is designed to allow customers to buy a puppy that has been hand selected and trained with foundational skills that can be built upon as the puppy grows. Our next level Premier protection dogs have all the fundamental skills to protect their owner in when prompted. A step above that, our Premier Elite protection dogs are trained to be able to protect your family without being prompted, and also have great technical skills to be able to play with children safely. Dogs that have gone through our final training level, the Advanced Family and Estate K9s, are ready for anything. They have been trained to patrol the grounds of homes independently and keep their families secure at night. If you are in the market for a trained protection dog in Fremont, give us a call and we will work with you to bring you the dog that you’ve always wanted.