Puppy Training

Dogs have long been dubbed “man’s best friend.” The Grey Wolf, Canis Lupus, is the precursor to our canine friends. These wild ancestors contribute invaluable information to our modern understanding of domestic dog psychology and behavior.

Using this knowledge, our programs place a large emphasis on creating clarity between the owner and his dog. They are designed with consistent and focused leadership at the forefront. Our approach results in many years of unwavering canine devotion and utility in return.

We take pride in our work and those who put trust in us, and exert every effort to ensure satisfaction. A passion for dogs, our clients, and their canines gives us purpose. At Full Contact K-9, “total commitment, unleashed potential,” is what we’re all about



Our Dog Training Philosophy:

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience – there’s nothing like it – and it’s also a great responsibility. We must not only provide proper nutrition and shelter. To do right, dogs need our affection, time and attention. Training, socialization, and exercise are equally important.

Full Contact K-9 training programs begin with puppy fundamentals including housebreaking and early-on imprinting, which are essential building blocks to shape the behaviors of household pets and working dogs. Our canine students become active learners through a system of positive reinforcement, repetition, consistency, leadership and clear communication.

One diverse background in professional dog training combines many schools of thought. Our clients range from families wanting a well-mannered pet to business owners, athletes and entertainers, public figures, professionals and dog aficionados. With our clients’ needs in mind, Full Contact K-9 training programs are customized to suit the dog and his owner’s specific requirements and performance objectives.