About Us

Full Contact K-9 is the premier service for protection dog training in Georgia. We train and sell German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois dogs and puppies at a variety of levels for every family and their specific needs. We encourage owner participation and involvement every step of the way to ensure you and your dog get the most out of each training session- and to make sure we unleash your pet’s full potential.


Few cities offer the proximity and convenience of Downtown Atlanta without the roughness and fast-paced lifestyle of the city like Fayetteville does.  Our Fayetteville customers know the value of family oriented activities, and that is why they choose us to furnish their dog training needs.

Twenty-two miles south of Downtown Atlanta, Fayetteville has a variety of attractions that make it an appealing place to live. From the historical Margaret Mitchell Library to the Fun Junction USA amusement park to the Pinewood Atlanta Studios, Fayetteville is rich in diversity and fun. With parks and shopping districts and an abundance of suburban housing, Fayetteville is the essence of a family-friendly city located near a thriving metropolis.

Protection Dog Training

Often families don’t realize that protection dogs can be the best of both worlds, especially in metropolitan Atlanta, where more and more families are putting down roots and raising children. German Shepherds make great protection dogs as well as friendly pets, and are great for residents of cities like Fayetteville who want the peace of mind that comes with a trusted canine companion.

At Full Contact K-9, we take German Shepherds at a very young age and train them to be fierce protectors of their homes and families. We offer a puppy package that includes a handpicked German Shepherd or Malinois puppy and basic obedience and protection training to start your lifelong friendship.

We also offer three levels of protection training for adult dogs to learn the basics of protecting a family. Premier protection dogs receive the baseline protection skills to become defensive when prompted by their owner. This is a great beginning level for anyone who exercises or lives alone and wants to feel a bit more secure.

Dogs trained at the next level, the premier elite dogs, make great family pets. They are what we call the perfect middle, and for a good reason. They receive more intensive training than premier dogs, and can search houses or buildings for intruders but also remain great family pets for residents of Fayetteville. The next level of training will make your dog an Advanced Family and Estate dog, dogs which are trained to secure perimeters of homes or property to offer maximum security and peace of mind. Not only do advanced family dogs protect you when you’re at home and away, but they also make fiercely loyal pets and are great for families who need absolute control over their pets.

No matter your protection needs, Full Contact K-9 has the dog and package for you. Visit our comparison page here to learn about the different levels of protection dog, and call us today.