About Us

At Full Contact K-9, we offer the best in dog training for German Shepherds and Malinois puppies and dogs. Our experts are equipped with techniques to teach any dog at any level to be an obedient, protective and friendly family pet. We breed, sell and train dogs from world-class bloodlines to guarantee the quality and health of our dogs and puppies. We pride ourselves on customer service and offer the best value in dog training in Atlanta.

Full Contact K-9 serves all counties and cities in the metropolitan Atlanta area, from Stockbridge to Fairburn to Buckhead and Dacula, and are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied with the progress their dogs have made.


The city of Fairburn is steeped in history and culture. Located a convenient 25 miles south of Atlanta, Fairburn is a family-oriented city dedicated to preserving their traditional values. With their annual Fairburn Festival and Southside Theatre Guild, and plenty of parks, businesses and restaurants, there is no end to the entertainment residents can enjoy year-round.

Though part of Fulton County, the city of Fairburn is far from the bustling and traffic of Atlanta’s streets, making it the perfect place to raise a family or start a small town business. Many residents who live in Fairburn come to Full Contact K-9 to train their dogs because they know how important it is to have a safe, secure environment for families within the city.

Puppy Training

Along with training for full-grown dogs, Full Contact K-9 also offer training for German Shepherd and Malinois puppies. Starting puppies off with basic skills such as house breaking and teaching them how to socialize with other dogs is key to integrating a pet into a new family, and Full Contact K-9 makes this simple with our Puppy Package, where clients can buy a puppy that has already been trained and is ready for the next stage of protection or obedience training. Most parents are thrilled that there is little to no transition phase with the puppy package- their new additions are already perfectly behaved!

Protection and Obedience Training

Our clients love the levels of training we provide to match their specific needs. Our protection and obedience training programs can be personalized to be as effective as possible for you and your dog. Each dog, like each person, has different skills and needs, and at Full Contact K-9 we know how important it is to recognize the talents of our dogs in order to facilitate training.

Our protection and obedient training programs both consist of three levels, and customers can progress through the levels or pick a level that they feel works best for their lifestyle. In just a few short sessions, your dog could be ready to play fetch with your kids, follow your verbal or hand commands, or guard your home while you are away. For prices and more information, call us today. We’d love to show you the Full Contact K-9 advantage.