Training your young dog is a long and difficult process. Housetraining is the first of many steps in successful training, but the difficult part is teaching your dog how to interact socially with other dogs, cooperate in the house, and listen to commands.

Unfortunately, it can take years to develop this training on your own. But with the help of a dedicated professional, this training can be accomplished in only a fraction of the time and effectiveness can be seen almost immediately.

At Full Contact K9, we are professional dog trainers and handlers. Our team has decades of combined experience working with nearly every breed and every age of dogs. Our results our proven and supported by hundreds of owners who have seen immediate and long-term improvements in the behavior of their companions.

Leading Dunwoody in professional dog training

If you’re one of the many residents of Dunwoody, then you understand that this part of this city is alive with restaurants, parks, and shopping. It’s a wonderful area to live and an even better area to own a dog. With fantastic areas to walk your dog like Brook Run Park and the Jim Benson Bike Trail near Mt. Vernon Road, dog owners are truly gifted – as long as they have a companion that can complement the social aspect of the city.

Teaching your dog new and advanced commands (or even home protection) is Full Contact K9’s specialty. If you’ve ever thought about entering your dog into a competition or training your dog to protect your family at night, then our experienced team can quickly catapult your dog to success.

Helping you find the right companion

In addition to dog training, our team also raises a handful of puppies to have serious personal and home protection skills from a young age. Once they are fully trained, we offer these dogs to loving owners throughout the Dunwoody area. No longer will you have to pour years of training into a dog, but you experience a fully-trained canine from the moment you adopt.

All of our dog sales are taught how to safely interact with children and toddlers so you can trust your dog to be gentle around the home. We also offer several breeds so you can select the perfect dog for your family’s preferences.

If you are looking for a dog trainer in the Dunwoody area or want to review trained dogs for sale, call Full Contact K9 today at 678-235-5959!