About Us

We are a full service dog training business now serving Carmel-by-the Sea, California that specialize in buying, selling, breeding and training protection dogs and puppies for pet owners across the United States. Our techniques and programs are tailored to each individual dog and the level of protection or obedience their owner desires. Full Contact K-9 also offers fully trained dogs and puppies that are ready to become an active member of any family.


Few cities in North America have such a rich historical and cultural background as the city of Carmel. With a history dating back to the first Spanish explorers and a tendency to draw all manner of artistic talent, Carmel-By-The-Sea is a quaint and hidden gem of the California coastline.

Carmel is often called the most dog friendly town in all of the United States, and for good reason. Dogs are allowed in most shops, and at almost every outdoor cafe, where they often enjoy meals created especially with their canine tastes in mind. Most hotels are entirely pet friendly, and communal water bowls and disposable waste bags are widely available. Though in the town of Carmel dogs must be leashed at all times except for on the Carmel City beach and trails, all dogs must be able to respond to voice commands in an effort to make Carmel as safe and inviting for residents and visitors as it is for pets.

Obedience Training

At Full Contact K-9, we take puppies and adult dogs at any stage and create an obedience program just for them. Our three tiers of training, from basic and puppy training to full off-leash obedience training, will equip your dog to become a perfect resident of this pet-friendly community on the coast. We offer puppies with basic training such as stopping, staying and waiting at the door, so that when you are looking for a new addition to your family, you can find a dog with the perfect amount of skills to build upon. We also sell adult dogs that are fully trained in obedience and give you full off-leash control. If you already have a dog or puppy, we offer services to work with you and your dog to find the right amount of obedience training. Our intermediate obedience training is the perfect medium for Carmel residents, as the dogs who are trained can respond to verbal and hand signals and can easily build up to advanced off-leash training if desired.

Full Contact K-9 also offers protection dog training for families who need an extra sense of security. If you’re worried about running solo on trails or living alone, Full Contact K-9 offers fully trained protection dogs that are highly skilled and able to respond to off-leash commands with ease. Our training can start out basic and progress to advanced, so that your dog can secure your home or property and give you the peace of mind you couldn’t get any where else.

If you live in the Monterey County area and are interested in obedience or protection dogs and dog sales, don’t hesitate to contact us for details!