About Us

Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service providing protection and obedience training to residents of Silicon Valley and other locations in the United States. On a client-by-client basis, we work with each dog and their owner to achieve the desired level of skills and knowledge to be useful in day-to-day life. We train dogs that have been with families for years or just a few days, as well as breed and sell our own hand-selected dogs with and without training. With Full Contact K-9, the options are endless for the type of training needed or the kind of dog required, so call us for prices today!

Capitola, California

Home to the first condominium beach community in the US and the oldest beach resort on the West Coast, Capitola-By-The-Sea is a town located in Santa Cruz County and is part of the Monterey Bay region. A historically Native American occupied town, Capitola is now a family and tourist attraction known for its colorful coast and dreamy scenery. The annual Begonia Festival, Capitola Art and Wine Festival and Wharf to Wharf Race are just some of the activities that make visitors come to Capitola for the weekend, and make others stay a lifetime.

Private dog training

Family-friendly cities like Capitola make perfect environments to raise and interact with pets. Full Contact K-9 serve the city of Capitola with various kinds of dog and puppy training. Our puppy training is perfect for first-time pet owners who want to housebreak and socialize their new pets the right way. Our trainers will work with our clients through every part of the training process to achieve the results they desire.

Often overlooked in favor of protection training, obedience training is extremely useful, especially in a family environment. Our various levels of obedience training, from basic to advanced, ensure our dogs are capable of responding to on-leash and off-leash commands, whether given verbally or through hand signals. Obedient dogs and puppies are an asset to any community, Capitola being no exception.

Our protection training comes in three tiered levels for our clients to choose from. At the basic premier level, dogs are taught to react aggressively when signaled. At the premier elite level, our dogs are capable of protecting a home and family from intruders. These dogs make ideal family pets because they are fierce protectors as well as highly-skilled playmates. At the final protection training level, the Advanced Family and Estate K-9 dogs are able to patrol homes and secure grounds independently, leaving their owners with a peace of mind cameras and other technology cannot provide.

Whatever the level of skill you are looking for, Full Contact K-9 has the protection training you’ve always wanted for your dog. We also offer trained adult dogs and puppies that we have hand-selected and trained with the same techniques we offer privately.