Are you searching for an experienced dog trainer and canine sales specialist in Buford? Full Contact K9 is your ultimate destination for purchasing and training your new furry friend.

With decades of combined experience, our team of certified trainers offers the most comprehensive obedience and protection training for dogs around the Atlanta area. Our proven philosophy of positive reinforcement with traditional training techniques gives your dog a unique edge in learning quickly and easily.

Buford’s leader in obedience and protection training

Dog owners are typically looking for two types of services from a trainer: obedience and/or protection training. Both services have in-depth routines that either can be taught to dogs both young and old.

Obedience training programs typically involve teaching the dog basic commands like stop, lie down, or wait at the door. With more training, an obedient dog can even learn how to walk without a leash or roll over on command.

Protection training on the other hand is well-suited for large dogs like German Shepherds or Rottweiler. This type of program involves teaching your dog how to respond to a perpetrator with force. Although this is an intensive training program, many owners like the comfort and security of a guard dog in their home.

Are you searching for a dog that is already trained in home protection?

If you are one of the many dog owners that want their companion to have unleashed defensive potential, you might be interested in one of our dogs that has already been trained in family protection.

Rather than dog breeders, our team simply trains dogs from a young age, so that when they finally find a loving home in the Buford area, they are fully trained to protect your family and home.

Of course, our dogs are fully house-trained and taught how to gently interact with children and toddlers – so your new friend can be a joy for the entire family. We offer several breeds, as well, so you can find a dog that matches your style and preferences.

For more information about training your dog or finding one that is already trained in home protection, call Full Contact K9 today at 678-235-5959!