Atlanta Dog Training ExpertFull Contact K-9 specializes in all things German Shepherds. We breed, import, train and sell German Shepherd puppies and adults, as well as Belgian Malinois puppies. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our mission is to provide the best training for clients through a variety of programs tailor-made for individual dogs and their owners.

Atlanta Dog Training

Though Full Contact K-9 sells and trains German Shepherds all over the world, our home is in Atlanta and we feel passionate about bringing well-mannered dogs into the city for residents who want pets or protective dogs. Home of Coca-Cola, the Braves, and the largest aquarium in the Western world, Atlanta is the hub of Southern culture and business. Despite being the most populous city in Georgia, Atlanta continues to grow, with new businesses and suburbs popping up everywhere. With the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and huge job market, thousands of people make their way through the city every day.

Benefits of Owning A German Shepherd

Owning a dog in a big city can seem like too big a challenge to consider, especially if you work during the day or are not home often. Many people think that because they live in a small space that they can’t properly care for a dog, or are afraid that they will be unable to train their dog to behave while they are gone. But owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and Atlanta is always growing in its capability to cater to its resident dog owners.

With so many dog parks, outdoor walking trails and pet-friendly apartments and townhomes, owning a dog in metro Atlanta is easier than ever. And with great training services available, there’s no reason residents can’t become the dog-owners they’ve always wanted to be. Full Contact K-9 specializes in German Shepherd dog training and are Atlanta’s lead provider of German Shepherd puppies and trained German Shepherd adults.

In recent years, German Shepherd dogs have grown in popularity because they respond very well to training and make great family dogs. Full Contact K-9 specializes in training your dog from the time they are a puppy so that owners can establish a strong, trusting relationship with their pet.

German Shepherd Training

Full Contact K-9 offers basic, intermediate and advanced training in order to meet the needs and conform to the lifestyle of customers. From the time German Shepherds are puppies, they can be brought to Full Contact K-9 to receive training tailored to their temperament and environment. By the time a canine is finished with advanced training, their owner will have complete off-lease control of their dog in any situation.

Cities at night can be intimidating without proper preparation. German Shepherds make great running companions for people who want an added sense of security when running alone or at night. These dogs are great for Atlanta residents who are active outdoors or who live alone.

Fully trained dogs are also available at Full Contact K-9. German Shepherds are given different levels of training to suit many different lifestyles, so that families of all kinds can find the perfect dog that meets their needs as a pet or a protector.

Call Full Contact K-9 today to make an appointment for you and your dog. Serving the greater Atlanta area, including Norcross, Milton, Peachtree City and Riverdale, Full Contact K-9 wants to work with you to achieve the training and behavior goals you have for your dog.