German Shepherd Dog Raising a puppy can be a slow and difficult process. House training, obedience, and friendliness are all qualities that take months, if not years, to fully develop in a young dog. Is it possible to find a furry friend that already has these qualities?

Luckily, at Full Contact K9 we’re here to help. We offer a wide variety of fully-trained dogs ready for adoption. That means that we put in the dirty work of housetraining and coaching these young dogs until they are mature, obedient companions.

Introducing a new member to the family just got easier

Instead of spending months teaching your dog how to use the restroom outside, our selection of trained canines is already fully housetrained. For busy families, this reduces an enormous and time-consuming headache, meaning that you can spend more quality time playing with your new pet.

Of course, all of our dogs are also family-friendly. Taking a risk on an untrained puppy can result in rough play around your kids. Fortunately, all of our dogs are trained with families in mind – that’s why they are all taught how to safely interact with children and toddlers.

Alpharetta’s leading dog-training service

Our team has decades of combined experience in raising and training dogs in Alpharetta. Not to be confused with a dog breeder, our job is simply to raise young canines to their full potential, then finding them a willing and loving owner.

Head trainers Evan Dunbar and Chuck Rawlings are recognized as two of Georgia’s most respected dog trainers. When adopting a young adult from these professionals, you are getting a quality companion with expert training. With a background in obedience training, these young dogs can easily make the jump into family protection or advanced tricks and commands.

Finding the right dog for you, your family, and your area
Dog owners in Alpharetta are also extremely lucky to have dozens of public recreation areas. From Wills Park to the Greenway, walking your dog is an absolute breeze – especially if your companion is trained and willing to cooperate.

Our catalog of trained young adult dogs includes popular breeds like Malinois and German Shepherds, sure to please those who are searching for a playful, yet obedient addition to the family.

For anyone searching for a new dog in the Alpharetta area, be sure to call Full Contact K9 at 678-235-5959 to get a full listing of our fully-trained dogs!