Protection Dog Training

About Us

Full Contact K-9 is a dog obedience and protection training service based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in training German Shepherd dogs and puppies to be obedient family friends or fierce home and property protectors, but also sell dogs and puppies and trained dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

Over the years we have created an extended client base that counts on us for all of their dog training and puppy development needs, and because of that we are now able to provide our services to the people of the greater Silicon Valley, California area. If you’re a resident of the San Francisco Bay area looking for a trained dog for sale, look no further than Full Contact K-9.

Santa Clara

Part of Santa Clara County, California, the city of Santa Clara is called the “Mission City” after a Spanish mission that settled there in the 1700s. Santa Clara was once rich in agriculture and their main crops came from fruit orchards. As the population in Santa Clara increased and technology moved into the area, farmland diminished. Today, Santa Clara is part of the Silicon Valley area and is home to tech innovators and companies, but their rich history and scenic landscapes remain.

Visitors and residents can experience the Intel Museum of technology or the Triton Museum of Art, tour historic Santa Clara or visit the family-friendly Art and Wine Festival. Santa Clara is also home to the recently constructed Levi’s Stadium, where sports events and concerts are held. Because residents of Santa Clara couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, we’ve brought our Full Contact K-9 services to Silicon Valley to ensure that San Francisco Bay dog lovers have all the resources they need for happy, healthy, obedient dogs.

Trained Dogs for Sale

At Full Contact K-9, we offer fully trained obedience and protection dogs, dogs that will enter your home with all of the skills they need for guarding your property or playing with your children. Where do we get our dogs? We select our dogs from top bloodlines all over the world, and specialize in German Shepherds and Malinois. The dogs we select are bred to be extremely intelligent and capable of learning any command or skill we teach them.

If you are looking for a specific breed of dog that isn’t a German shepherd, we can help with that too. Our knowledge of canine breeds extends across the board, and we can help guide you to the right breed for you and your family, and get you on the road to training them. Along with adult dogs, we also offer puppies that have been trained to be obedient and house-friendly. These dogs are a perfect starting point for many families with young children or people who want a strong bond with their dog. Due to our stringent puppy obedience training, the puppies we sell are primed for further obedience or protection training.

Don’t know how to choose the dog of your dreams? You can use our handy “Finding the perfect dog” tool and fill out the questionnaire to be matched with a dog or trainer that will meet your every need!