Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service that provides high-class breeds of dog as well as obedience and protection training to the residents of Santa Cruz, California. Through providing hands-on, interactive sessions geared towards strengthening the skill of your dog and the bond between you, Full Contact K-9 achieves the best results of any dog training service on the market. In choosing to train or purchase your dog from Full Contact K-9, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a loyal companion and protector to enjoy for years to come.

Santa Cruz

Home to the University of California, Santa Cruz, the city is known for its stunning natural beauty and towering redwood trees. With many cultural events like the Santa Cruz Film Festival and the O’neill Coldwater Classic surfing tournament, as well as hundreds of tourist attractions from downtown restaurants and shops to wildlife preserves and marinas, the city of Santa Cruz is a bubbling metropolis of families of all sizes. With many dog friendly parks and beaches to explore, Santa Cruz is a great place to raise a family and a K9 companion.

Protection Dogs for Sale

At Full Contact K-9, we choose only the best dogs to train and prepare for family and home protection. Many dogs come to us as puppies, and learn the basic obedience training necessary to do well in a family home as well as in outside situations. After that, we train our dogs through a series of protection sessions in an effort to make our dogs responsive to off-leash commands.

Because of our tiered protection training system, you can choose a dog that has the right amount of protection skills for you and your family. Dogs that have been trained at the premier level are able to react aggressively only when signaled by their owner. Dogs that have been trained at the premier elite level are much more versatile and are able to conduct home searches in order to keep you and your home secure. At our highest level of protection training, advanced family and estate K-9s are equipped to secure the perimeter of your home or property independently, and are also extremely skillful. If you need a dog that can perform the double role of playing with your kids by day and acting as a bodyguard by night, look no further than Full Contact K-9’s advanced family and estate dogs, where you will see the benefits of the Full Contact K-9 advantage.

We also offer all levels of training to any dog you may own. If you’ve struggled for years to get your dog to obey voice or hand commands, or cannot seem to housebreak your new puppy, we have a training package for you. We know the advantages of having a dog in a city like Santa Cruz far outweigh any negative experiences. Having a dog that can act as a loyal friend of the family and also be a fierce protector when needed is an unparalleled experience and a great asset to any family who is concerned for their safety. If you’re looking into getting a protection dog, Full Contact K-9 are ready to help you start the process.