When searching for a new dog, a prospective owner is taking a gamble on the dog’s behavior around the family and in the home. How long will it take to housetrain my young puppy? Will the dog be gentle around kids? How can I train my dog how to be calm inside the house, yet playful outside?

These are all questions that enter an adoptive owner’s mind before settling on a new dog. While every furry friend is certainly a blessing, some are more difficult to care for than others.

At Full Contact K9, we’ve taken the guessing out of adopting a new dog. Our team offers a wide range of dog sales, all of which are fully-trained so they can be quickly and easily introduced to your home. We aren’t dog breeders, but instead, dedicated professionals that want to train young dogs to reach their full potential. We adopt young puppies, devote months of dedicated and individual training to each, and then find a new and loving for them in the Roswell area.

Adopting a dog that matches your family’s needs and preferences

While we do train a variety of dog breeds, a majority of our sales are German Shepherds. These dogs are extremely popular for a number of reasons: they are extremely friendly, easy to train, and are have some of the highest levels of canine intelligence. These qualities directly translate into German Shepherds being great additions for any family.

Because this breed is particularly responsive to training, these dogs are the preferred choice for search-and-rescue missions, police work, and even movie roles. Surely, if German Shepherds can accomplish such harrowing tasks, then they can prove to be great companions for you as well.

Trained German Shepherds can easily make the jump into more complicated forms of training as well. This may include personal and home protection, dog shows/competitions, or other advanced techniques.

Leading Roswell in German Shepherd training and adoptions

If you live in Roswell, then you understand that the city is full of active, friendly dog owners. Being a part of that movement is fun and exciting if you have a companion that can socially interact with other dogs and people.

From the Chattahoochee to Roswell Recreation Center, there is no better place to own a dog than Roswell. There are also tons of annual festivities and parades in Downtown Roswell and throughout the city. Next year, your newly-adopted German Shepherd can be a part of your group!

Call the professionals at Full Contact K9 to learn more about our trained German Shepherds for sale or any of our dog training programs!  678-235-5959