Trained Dogs For SaleAbout Full Contact K-9

Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service based out of Atlanta, Georgia and Silicon Valley, California. Our mission is to provide world-class protection dogs to families and individuals looking for obedient, intelligent and engaging pets to guard their home and property. At Full Contact K-9 we take pride knowing our service is unparalleled by other dog training businesses- our trainers are equipped to deal with the most stubborn canines to the most docile dogs, and our breeders select only the best puppies and dogs from around the world to train and sell. Our clients are always impressed with our professionalism, and always praise the results they see in their dogs.

Though our roots are in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve recently expanded services to the Silicon Valley area. If you live in any Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Clara or any of the surrounding cities and counties, you and your dog are eligible for hands-on training with a professional who can walk you through the steps to owning the dog of your dreams.

Rio Del Mar, California

Rio Del Mar is a census designated place in Santa Cruz County, located southeast of the city of Santa Cruz along highway 1 and Monterey Bay. The area is very tourist friendly, with many rental vacation homes along the coast, as well as luxury homes for Silicon Valley tech workers. Visitors enjoy the climate of California beaches at resorts like the Seascape Beach Resort, and the Seascape Golf Club green dominates much of the area.

The residents of Rio Del Mar enjoy a high standard of living, and many leave the area for extended periods of time, leaving their homes unprotected and at risk. With the high amount of visitors in the area, residents must be constantly on their toes and on the lookout for unwanted guests. With the help of dog training from Full Contact K-9, Rio Del Mar residents can get the peace of mind they need with the added bonus of a family friendly pet. If you’re a resident of the San Francisco Bay area and are looking for a trainer or looking to buy a dog, contact us today and we’ll talk about your options.

Dog Training

At Full Contact K-9 we offer multiple avenues of dog training, all catered to meet your needs and goals. Whether you want basic obedience training, hardcore protection dog training or are looking to begin training your puppy, we have the package for you.

Our obedience training comes in three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. At each level, our trainers build upon skills from the last to help create a lasting bond of communication between you and your pet. Dogs who are trained at any of these levels are already miles ahead of their contemporaries who have been trained by other services, as they have been trained by the very best in the business.

We also offer protection dog training in a similar tiered training regimen. Dogs start out at being able to act aggressively when signaled by their owner, and if they advance through all the stages, have the capability to independently protect your home and property from intruders. We offer each level of training separately so that you can customize your experience and get your dog behaving like the dog you’ve always dreamed about.