Palo Alta CA Dog Training

Full Contact K-9 is Palo Alto’s premier dog training service. Equipped with some of the best K9 trainers and breeders in the business, Full Contact K-9 excels at providing high class breeds of dog with unparalleled protection and obedience skills to the people of the Silicon Valley area. Because of our custom offerings for obedience training, protection training as well as the elite dogs that we have for sale,  our customers consider us the perfect one-stop-shop for all of their working dog training needs.

Palo Alto, California

Located in Santa Clara County, the city of Palo Alto is about a 15-mile drive north of San Jose. Palo Alto got its name from a redwood tree that is native to the west coast. Part of the San Francisco Bay area of California, Palo Alto is home to many technology giants like Hewlett-Packard, Skype, Tesla Motors, and others. As you would expect from a city located in Santa Clara County, Palo Alto boasts super fast Internet coupled with an old world charm in their historic buildings and universities, like the prestigious Stanford University.

A population of around 70,000 young professionals and active families give Palo Alto life. The picturesque mountains and creeks characteristic of the area lend themselves to walking trails and family recreation facilities, and there are at least 34 parks throughout the city. Active residents enjoy exercising along the Stanford “Dish” loop, which provides scenic views of the campus and of the geography of the Palo Alto foothills and forests. Perfect for an active family, Palo Alto is a beautiful, pet-friendly city with high-tech resources.

Dog Training

At Full Contact K-9, we offer the best in protection dog training. With three levels of protection training, you can find the perfect fit for you and your dog. At the first level, the premier protection dog, your dog will learn the basics in obedience and protection training, including acting defensively when commanded. These dogs make great family pets because they are skilled but also docile and do not become aggressive around strangers. The next level of protection training is the premier elite protection dog. These dogs are capable of guarding your home from intruders and acting aggressively when threatened, but also make great companions. Premier elite protection dogs can play catch with your kids by day and keep watch by night, making them great multitasking protection dogs.

The final level of protection training offered at Full Contact K-9 is the Advanced Family and Estate K-9. These dogs are fiercely independent protection dogs and can secure a home or property without you being present. These dogs are a great option

Full Contact K-9 offers fully trained protection dogs for sale. You can browse our packages and look at pictures of available dogs on our website, or fill out our “finding your perfect dog” tool questionnaire and allow us to help you get started with the process of obtaining a protection dog for your family. Give us a call today!