World Class Breeders of working stock German Shepherds. Meet our pals Wish and Remington Vom DunSavant.

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Wish Vom DunSavant

Wish is a compact female with amazing stealth and athleticism. She is eager to please the handler in obedience and takes loyalty to heart in protection. A one person dog, Wish is a “push button” and can go from nice to nightmare in an instant. She is astonishingly intelligent, alert in all situations and poised at work or with her litter. A remarkable mother, Wish produces beautiful puppies that do well as working dogs and companions.


Remington Vom DunSavant

Remington is Wish’s progeny. This flashy young male has pronounced bone structure and a plush coat with deep black and red coloration. His disposition is impeccable and he displays a charming facial expression. If there’s a toy, he’s toting it around. Remington has a strong desire to work with his handler and shows a nice combination of prey and food drives. He has begun Schutzhund training and is expected to excel on the field.



Nitro is a very serious black Malinois. He is strong in character and very self confident. Nitro hits, grips, and fights with incredible force, yet his temperament is well balanced.



Panzer is out of Remington and Vega’s litter (Fall 2012). He’s a very precocious young male, drivey and very outgoing. He has crisp black and red markings and a black mask on his face. Panzer is an excellent example of breeding the total package. He possesses all of the strong traits necessary for a