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            Located in metropolitan Atlanta, Full Contact K-9 focuses on the training and selling of German Shepherds. We’re trusted all over Georgia for our expertise in training German Shepherd and Malinois dogs. We offer private sessions for you and your dog that center around protection and obedience. If you’re looking for a dog to complete your family, look no further than Full Contact K-9. Serving the cities of Vinings, Fayetteville, Dacula, Buckhead, Newnan, and many others, our knowledge and expertise spans the reach of northern Georgia.


            Historically rich, vibrant, and with one of the fastest growing populations in Georgia, the city of Newnan is located just 40 miles outside of Atlanta. With West Georgia College campuses, the giant shopping district at Ashley Park and an abundance of beautiful, antebellum architecture, Newnan is an often-overlooked gem on the southwest side of metropolitan Atlanta. This “city of homes” is the perfect place for families, and their pets, to call home.

Trained Protection Dogs

If you’ve ever felt unsafe in your home or walking around at night, you should consider the difference a trained protection dog could do for you. At Full Contact K-9 we train dogs to be protective of their owners and their homes in any situation. Our private sessions are informative and hands on for owners and their dogs. Part of what makes us such a popular destination for people looking for protection dogs is our dedication and attention to detail- we will work with you to determine the level of protection training that is right for you and your dog, and even make adjustments along the way.

Premier protection dogs are trained to have the basic, fundamental skills to protect on command. At the first level of protection training, premier protection dogs are in a great position as owners can bring them back for more amped up protection training later if they desire, without having to start from scratch. The next level of protection dog training, the premier elite training, is the perfect happy medium for many families in terms of their pets. Premier elite dogs are fiercely protective and have many more skills than premier protection dogs. They can even search houses and buildings when prompted.

Advanced family and estate dogs are the highest level of protection dog at Full Contact K-9. These dogs can patrol the perimeter of homes and businesses and also act as highly skilled pets, perfectly capable to play with your children as well as protect them.

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If you’ve been searching for a protection dog, you don’t need to look anywhere else. With so many options and price points, we make it easy to find the program that fits your schedule. Call us today for an estimate!