About Full Contact K-9

Trained Dogs For SaleFull Contact K-9 is a dog training service located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our slogan is Total Commitment, Unleashed Potential, meaning that our trainers are totally committed to helping you find the perfect dog, whether that means answering all of your questions about the best breed of dog for protection work or introducing you to a puppy that is waiting to be trained and taken home. Trainers at Full Contact K-9 know that nothing could be accomplished without persistence and take their one-on-one training sessions with every dog seriously. We try to get the best out of every dog by hand selecting the dogs we train and sell to ensure they are the best candidates for obedience or protection training.

Since Full Contact K-9 began it was our dream to one day expand to another city, and the San Francisco Bay area presented itself as a great opportunity to bring top-of-the-line protection dogs to the west coast. We now serve the Silicon Valley area with as much enthusiasm and customer commitment as we give to our clients at home in Georgia.

Mountain View

The city of Mountain View is located between the San Francisco Bay area and the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Clara, California. Part of Silicon Valley, Mountain View was incorporated in 1902 and now has over 70,000 residents. Many large computer and technology companies call Mountain View their home, and Google headquarters is located there.

Mountain View gets its scenic name from the gorgeous mountains and lush forests that surround the city. Recreation is a big part of life in Mountain View, and with many parks, trails, creeks and shoreline there is plenty of opportunity for active residents and visitors to enjoy the great weather outdoors. Parks include Dana Park and Eagle Park, a dog-friendly park with a World War II memorial.

Trained Dogs for Sale

Along with offering training for any breed of dog at any age, Full Contact K-9 also sells “family safe” protection dogs, dogs that will secure your home and property while still remaining friendly and playful with your children. In order to do this, we find dogs from all over the world to train and develop into great protection animals. We lead them through obedience training so that when they are ready to be sold, they are both fierce protectors and loyal companions, ready to obey off leash commands.

We also sell puppies that have been trained in basic obedience and socialized so that they will fit right in with your family, whether you have children or other pets. These puppies are ready for further training if you are interested in walking through obedience or protection training with your dog as they mature- it’s up to you! Contact Us today!