Full Contact K-9 offers many options for training your German Shepherd to teach them to protect and become a valued member of your family. One of the great things about our programs are the options. At Full Contact K-9, German Shepherd puppies and adults, as well as Malinois puppies, are bred and trained to make them the optimal protection and family dogs.

Having gained popularity among Americans in recent years for their intelligence and receptiveness to training, German Shepherds make a great pet for any family looking for an active, obedient dog. When trained at Full contact K-9, your dog will obey commands off-leash so that you can rest easy when outside as well as in the home. German Shepherds make great protectors, and Full Contact K-9 offers many protection packages so that you can have peace of mind when you’re a way from home.

Milton, Ga German Sheperd Training

Residents of metropolitan Atlanta know the real concern that security creates for homes and businesses. Knowing that your children or belongings are going to be safe at all times is necessary, and German Shepherds can be trained to provide the protection you’ve always wanted. In cities like Milton that live on the fringe of often crime-ridden streets but still enjoy a surprisingly suburban lifestyle, trained protection dogs make the perfect pet. Full Contact K-9 is based in Atlanta and serves the city of Milton with enthusiasm and unparalleled customer service.

The city of Milton boasts a high quality of life with some of the most affluent residents in Georgia. The people of Milton are extremely active, but also know how to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle. Golf and horseback riding are common activities in this city, one of the newest and fastest growing in the metropolitan Atlanta.

Milton property owners often want a way to patrol and secure their expansive space without paying a high price. Security guards and fences can only help so much. But fully trained protection dogs, like the German Shepherds at Full Contact K-9, can get the job done.

Protection Training

There are many levels of protection training for customers of Full Contact K-9 to choose from. Basic puppy training lays the foundation for further protection training. Puppies will learn to be obedient and learn basic protective skills. Our trainers also work to housebreak your dog to preserve carpet and upholstery.

Adult dog training can include premier, premier elite, and advanced family and estate protection packages. Premier Protection Dogs are at the most basic level of protection dog. They respond aggressively when prompted by their owner, but do not act outside of commands. They are defensive and make great protectors for your family.

Premier Elite Protection Dogs have the same basic protection training but are given more strenuous training and are great for families who are active or need a dog that can perform multiple tasks. Advanced Family and Estate Protection dogs are equipped to patrol the perimeters of your property and work without a handler present. They are great for securing large homes or private property and still make great, friendly family pets.

The Full Contact K-9 program experience is often catered to meet the needs of a specific customer and their lifestyle. We breed dogs to be top of the line, obedient pets, but if you have a German Shepherd that you would like trained, we will work with you to correct bad behavior and develop a new sense of trust between you and your dog.

If you’re not looking for a protective dog but still want a well-behaved family pet, German Shepherd obedience training and puppy training are available as well.

Don’t live in Milton? Never fear, Full Contact K-9 serves the greater part of metro Atlanta, including the cities of Norcross, Riverdale and Peachtree City. We will work with you to arrange a program schedule that fits all of your needs. Call us for an estimate today!