About Full Contact K9

protection dog trainingAs full service dog trainers, every day we get to work with our favorite thing in the whole world: puppies and dogs. No one knows more than us how important dogs are to their masters, and we want to assist the pet owners of Atlanta, Georgia and Santa Clara, California to unleash the full potential of their K9 friends. We sell both puppies and adult dogs and offer training packages for a variety of skills like obedience and protection.

Milpitas, California

Located in Santa Clara County, with Fremont to the north and San Jose to the south, the city of Milpitas is located in the southernmost part of the San Francisco Bay area. Called the “Crossroads of Silicon Valley,” Milpitas has the biggest population of residents working in technology jobs in the country, at companies like Cisco Systems, Sandisk and Flextronics. The presence of the tech industry brings a diverse population of residents and an abundance of wealth to the community.

The rolling hills of this city make it as beautiful as it is industrious. The picturesque Monument Peak is accessible through the Ed R. Levin County Park, which includes many amenities and a dog park. Ranked in 2014 by Money Magazine as the 29th best place to live in the US, Milpitas is understandably a high demand location for many people looking to build careers or to start their families.

Dog Training Near You

Because of the high population density and valuable homes in Milpitas, safety can be a big concern for residents. Protection dogs are a great way to incorporate both a friendly family pet and a fierce bodyguard into your life, and no one knows better how to help make that happen than Full Contact K9. Our protection dogs receive top-notch dog training from some of the best trainers in the country.

The first package we offer in protection training is the puppy package. We supply puppies that we know have the potential to grow into great protection dogs, and give them the foundational skills necessary to reach the expectations of their owner.

Our levels of training for adult dogs vary based on the needs of their owner or family. At the most basic level, our dogs are trained to act defensively when signaled by their owner that a threat is imminent. These dogs are great for people who want a level of protection from their dog but aren’t too concerned with extra skills or having their dog be super aware. The second level of training results in a more technical animal one that can actively secure a home or play fetch with children. This is the most popular level of protection dog training at Full Contact K9.

The final level of protection training is what we call the Advanced Family and Estate K9 package. Dogs trained at this level are incredibly independent and can secure a property or grounds with little or no assistance. They are completely at the command of their master and can sense a threat long before a human can. This package is best for people with assets that they wish to protect. Visit our protection training page and pricing pages for more information on each of the levels.