Our Promise

Protection Dog Training CaliforniaAt Full Contact K9 we know that our customers are as varied as our canine friends. Each client comes to us with a set of needs that have to be addressed individually, and each dog comes with their own personality and behaviors. Our promise to our customers is to provide them with the kind of service they couldn’t get anywhere else: complete, comprehensive dog training that covers all aspects of dog and owner relationships, from housebreaking to socialization to protection.

Now serving the Silicon Valley area for all of our California friends, Full Contact K9 has expanded our dog training expertise to the west coast. Though we’ve always worked with clients all over the world, since inception our business home base has been in Atlanta, Georgia. Setting up shop in other states has always been a dream of ours, so we are excited to be bringing the Full Contact K9 difference to Santa Clara, California.

Los Altos, California

Located 40 miles south of San Francisco, the city of Los Altos gained its name from the presence of rolling foothills- the name Los Altos loosely translates to “the heights” in Spanish.

Settled precariously on the San Andreas Fault, Los Altos and its residents are prepared for any event, and have weathered many earthquakes.

With many parks and recreational facilities, active families will never want for something to do. Redwood Grove nature preserve provides access to Adobe Creek, where native plants and wildlife abound. Annual festivities in the city always bring big crowds, and cater to a variety of interests, including the Downtown Los Altos Arts and Wine Festival, the Festival of Lights Parade and the Pet Parade each year in May. The Los Altos community is known for its pet-friendly, active residential areas and parks, and makes a great place for any size family to call home.

Santa Clara Puppy Training

Full Contact K9 specialize in the training and selling of dogs and puppies, including trained German Shepherd sales. Because we know the importance and difficulty of training a new puppy, we offer puppy packages that include a puppy from one of our favorite breeds such as German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, as well as obedience and development training. The purpose of puppy development training is to aid the new dog owner and their puppy get accustomed to each other and help facilitate the bonds that owners and pets need in order to have a long, happy relationship.

Puppy development training will help prepare your dog for all stages of life, and help keep you informed of all the stages of growth that will occur. Our puppy package also includes house breaking and ridding your puppy of any disruptive behaviors.

All Dog Training

At Full Contact K9, we want all of our customers to know about the many options we offer in all dog training. Protection training is a big part of our business, and our staff are very knowledgeable in the methods of protection training and obedience training. Whether you just want a dog that can play with your kids and obey off leash commands or want a fierce protector, Full Contact K9 has your back.