John’s Creek is a fun and exciting area for dog owners, especially considering the expansion of many new public parks. From Newtown to Ocee, and even the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve, dog owners truly have a wealth of opportunities to explore with their furry companions.

No matter what area of John’s Creek you live in, you are virtually guaranteed a vibrant community of dog walkers and owners. Full Contact K9 can help you every step of the way from adoption to obedience training.

Our team has dedicated their lives to training canines in John’s Creek and the surrounding areas. We have decades of combined experience in both obedience and protection training. No dog is too young or too old, nor is there any breed that isn’t a fit for our signature program.

Helping you choose the right dog

In addition to our canine training services, we also specialize in selling trained young dogs to loving owners in John’s Creek. Our team hand-selects dogs that are highly intelligent, healthy, and obedient.

These dogs then undergo a steady training process for several months until they are fully competent in basic commands and can aptly behave in social settings. When you finally bring your new dog home, it is sure to be totally housetrained, comfortable around your children, and little hassle.

John’s Creek leader in German Shepherd sales

One of the most popular breeds for owners in the North Atlanta area is the German Shepherd. These dogs are extremely social, but have the potential to be trained for competitions and home protection.

These easy-to-train dogs are a perfect fit for almost any family. Throughout the selection process, our team can help you along the way – showing you which dog would be the best fit for your family. We take pride in the dogs we raise, so finding them a loving home is our number one priority.

For German Shepherds and other breeds alike, our committed trainers, Evan Dunbar and Chuck Rawlings, can transform your pet into the loving and obedient companion you’ve always imagined.

For more information about our services and dog sales in John’s Creek, simply give us a call at 678-235-5959!