Felton, Ca Dog TrainingFull Contact K9 is a comprehensive dog training service. We specialize in all dog training, from obedience training for puppies to protection dog training. Our mission is to bring quality dog training services to our home state and to make our dogs available for clients anywhere in the US. We have recently begun operations in and around Santa Cruz County, California.

Our services extend beyond dog training: we also sell German shepherd and malinois puppies and adults, and are happy to provide trained german shepherds for sale to our customers. Our dogs are bred from top bloodlines from all over the world, and are carefully selected and groomed to meet our standards. The difference with Full Contact K9 dogs can be seen immediately- their obedience, friendly nature and beauty cannot be rivaled.

Felton, California

Located in Santa Cruz County, the city of Felton is one of California’s best-kept secrets. Originally a logging town and a railroad community, Felton is home to a replica of an 1880’s railroad town, Roaring Camp Railroad, which along with family events and Civil War re-enactments functions as a locomotive tour guide through some of Felton’s enchanting redwood forests and the Santa Cruz beach scene. Felton is the small town everyone wants to grow up in, and take their children back to. In close proximity to Santa Cruz’s pristine beaches, yet with enough distance from tourism and the bustle of city life, the city of Felton is the perfect place to raise a family, big or small.

While Felton is already the perfect environment to raise kids, it can often be beneficial for children and families to have pets to help keep them active and fit. Children learn responsibility from having pets, and dogs can be loyal friends and companions for many adults with and without kids. If you’re considering purchasing a German shepherd puppy or adult dog, or want a different breed but will need private training, Full Contact K9 is available in Felton to bring you the services you need for your dog.

Felton Dog Training

At Full Contact K9, we understand that families want a reliable, stable and friendly puppy that can grow with their children to become a fierce protector as well as a best friend. That’s why we offer obedience and dog training early to all of our clients. We offer services as basic as housebreaking and socialization, as well as obedience training that rid puppies of bad behaviors before they become habit.

We also offer basic obedience training to all dogs, regardless of age or breed. Our private obedience training will give you and your dog the skills to work together and communicate if your dog is on their leash or off their leash, or if you want them to sit, stay or go to the door on command. Full Contact K9’s specialty is in protection training. Dogs in our protection training programs learn to be fierce guards of their masters and their homes, and there are a variety of levels available so that every family can find the right fit and level of protection necessary for their home environment.

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